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Hi there 🙂

Today’s topic for me has been “inspiration”.

I answered a mail from a friend who asked me if I’d found my “why” and how I did…

That is a lot about inspiration.

And another friend told me about this book: which – as I understand it – is also about inspiration in this way…

I had forwarded a mail to this friend about how Gary Halbert came up with his sales letters by studying the product and then taking days off to relax.

Until inspiration hit him.

Such a luxury, right?

I mean… Can you just take days off where you do nothing but reading in the sun, bathing, swimming, shopping, showering, relaxing?

Well, you could, if you were your own boss, and if you believed in yourself.

Because it is true: Inspired work is much better than forced work.

Where do you find your inspiration?

We went out to have dinner today. That’s one place to find inspiration.

The shower is another. The beach a third. The bed (while RELAXING, what did YOU think I meant?) is a fourth…

It’s a funny thing, but you rarely find inspiration while you’re sitting on a chair in front of your computer.

Inspiration Substitute

Inspiration is divine…

But sometimes you want to get things done without having to wait for inspiration.

If one of the things on your list is writing children’s books – a highly profitable thing to do – and you don’t want to wait for inspiration, then you can buy it from the best.

You only have a few hours left, though…

If you take action now, you can get children’s books plots from reward winning authors for next to nothing – AAAAAAAND you even get a great video that shows you how to use these plots to become unique books.

I’ve read them – and they are awesome! Really! There are ten plots, and for each plot you get the short overview, the characters, and a chapter walk-through of what’s going to happen.

Get them here before it’s too late:

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. Where is your favorite place to find inspiration?

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