Where Is Your Roadblock?

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According to The Free Dictionary, a roadblock could be:

Something, such as a situation or condition, that prevents further progress toward an accomplishment.

When it comes to Internet marketing, making money online, etc., a roadblock is rarely a fallen tree. It’s something inside you and me, that’s stopping us from progressing in the direction, we want.

How do you identify your inner roadblock? And better yet; how do you tear it down?

Identify Your Inner Roadblock

Where are you now in your business? You should be clear about that point, and it’s should be pretty straightforward to find out. Maybe you can answer: I make so many dollars per months, or I get so many visitors to my blog, or any other way, you prefer to measure your present. This is your point A.

Now that you have a clear picture in your mind about your present, take a moment to think about how you – realistically – would have preferred things to be. This is your point B.

Get creative now. Think about all the ways you can get from point A to point B. Write them down (on paper, or on your iPhone, your computer, or where you prefer).

Which of those ways do you think are most likely to take you to your goal?

And are there any of those, you feel uncomfortable about?

I feel really stupid, because I have identified my roadblock a long time ago, but still it’s there, looking at me, and mocking me for my foolishness.


Most people prefer to see a video instead of reading. And yet, I keep writing.

Yes, writing is good, and we are still some left, who prefer to read rather than watch, so that’s okay. But I should be doing both, and I know it.

And yet, I don’t, and I don’t even have an explanation – except perhaps…

Tear Down Your Roadblock


I’m used to writing. I’ve been writing since I was five years old, and I’ve been writing for a living the last ten years. Writing is a part of my daily routine.

Recording video is not.

It’s not that I dislike it, I am just procrastinating, and staying away from it. And there’s only one way to cure that video-phobia:

By doing it! Again and again, until every last trace of fear has disappeared.

A challenge is a great way to progress.

7 Day Roadblock Challenge

This is a very personal challenge, because I have defined my roadblock as video. So for the next seven days, I will use Screenr to create at least one video per day and put it on my Twitter account.

Will you join me in this challenge? No! Not with video, if you already are spitting out videos. But find your inner roadblock, and do exactly that thing for the next seven days.

Maybe, you wouldn’t dream of stopping, when the week is done 🙂

Do you dare? Write about your challenge in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Where Is Your Roadblock?”

  1. How can videos be a roadblock for you when you do it so well? I realize you say you procrastinate, but when you have gone in front of the camera it has always worked well. Likewise your presentation of articles.

    I would say another roadblock is Queen’s English. When you write coca-cola-style it’s much more “free” and lively imho.

    Good luck with the challenge. 🙂

  2. Britt

    I am on the same boat as you are with producing my first live video. As you can see on my blog http://www.coachjanelee.com, I have audio recordings, written materials and Videos of other people and places. Now, I will be moving toward a live video. Like you. I am shy. Even with taking photographs, I do not like to have photos of myself. I know what look like everyday when I wake up in the morning. People laugh when I say that. So, I am up for the 7 day challenge on video.

  3. Video was my road block on another niche… I was scared to death I make my first video. I have 28 videos to my credit in another niche. And… I still get stage fright when I do a video. The point is… frightened or not the secret is to “Just Do It” anyway… just as you suggest.

    1. Exactly 🙂 And I did, today, and I’m so proud. I made my screencast with Screenr. Now 6 more to go, and I’ve succeeded in my challenge. Do you want to give me and Jane Lee company?

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