Creating means destroying

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Hi there 🙂

Boom boom!


Those are some of the sounds that wake us up, if we’re still sleeping at 7am.

We live in a house – a rather small building – but with neighbors above us and below us.

Our neighbors above us and our neighbors beneath us are both rebuilding their apartments.

We have around 4.50m (around 15feet) to the ceiling, so as you might imagine the acoustic is rather good.

Every boom from the hit of a hammer and every vrrrr from drilling machines sounds as if it was blasted out through loud-speakers.

Luckily, they don’t work every day, and when they work it’s only from 7am to 2pm.

They are breaking down walls to make new windows and doors.

They are removing old paint to paint new.

And that made me think…

Creating means destroying

You don’t just create out of nothing.

You destroy something to build a new and hopefully better product.

Right now I’m setting up a better autoresponder.

That means a learning courve. I’m destroying an unknowledged part of my brain to build up knowledge about the new system.

It also means new and unexplored problems.

You might have received a mail from me with a present attached.

Two things:

  • This present was already sent out earlier – around September last year, I think.
  • A few people told me it wasn’t attached – I don’t know where the problem is, because the autoresponder system shows that it is attached.
  • I mailed the file to those people, except for one person. I got my mail back – if this is you (name starting with Ti…) then please use my support desk at http:/

That goes for all problems, by the way. Use my support desk instead of email. It’s much safer.

What about writing a book?

Are you destroying when you write a new book?

Yes, you’re destroying an emptiness – the lack of that book 🙂

You’re destroying an untested idea and testing it instead.

And if it’s your first book, you might be afraid of taking the step…

Going to unexplored territory…

It can be scary.

Working with a person, a mentor, a coach, or in a group can help.

And it’s indeed worth it to overcome the fear.

Creating is so rewarding!

And with these words I’ll leave you for now and wish you a great Sunday and an excellent week 🙂

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. I wish my neighbors would create faster and destroy less 😉 But well… Now I have a nice excuse for NOT creating a video today.

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