Procrastinate your way to writing fiction for kids

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Hi there 🙂

If there’s one thing we writers are good at…

it’s procrastinating 😉

I have this picture on my computer desktop: turn images on to see

But that’s not all bad.

Being a good procrastinator also means that I’m good at cutting off all the work I’m not forced to do here and now.

And I’m good at automating repeating tasks – and outsourcing…

All that helps.

When I learned about the KD Kid’s Plots that launch today, I got hold of them to see if they would be of any help for true procrastinators fiction writers.


Written by Full-Time Award Winning Authors

When I started reading the plots, I didn’t know what to expect.

But I must confess that even though they were meant for children, I was dragged into the action, and I sat glued to the screen, reading, wondering what would happen.

Those are really high-quality plots!

Then I read that they were created by full-time award winning children’s books authors – and it didn’t surprise me.

Coming up with killer plot ideas is a challenge for most people.

That’s why most people start with workspace arrangements 😉

And then after tea, coffee, naps and more workspace arrangements, we find out that it’s evening and too late to write.

Why not skip those boring steps?

With the KD Kid’s Plots you get ten fantastic plots for different age groups.

You could be having your book ready in no time, but…

you will have to act fast, because these plots are only available for a limited number of days.

Stop procrastinating now, and grab the bundle here:

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. If you see no reason to become an author of a children’s book, I’ll give you a few billion reasons to change your mind tomorrow 😉

So grab this before Monday:

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