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Have you ever considered to make money by writing? This has in fact been one of my own best money making ideas.

It’s easy to find freelance writing jobs – but hard to find the well paid ones. However, there is a trick you can use to ensure a decent return for your writing – and you can even be paid several times over for the same work.

As you know, freelance writers struggle against competition from other countries, where living costs are only a fraction of those in the US or Europe.

It’s easier for people from these countries to bid on jobs for much less money than what we need in order to obtain a reasonable return in our particular economy. This means that you’ll often see jobs where somebody wants articles written for less than one dollar per 400 word article.

Even if you don’t have to do any research, and you can spit out four-five quality articles per hour, this certainly doesn’t add up to a decent return for the work involved.

The secret is to switch from working ‘per hour’ to working ‘per product’.

You see, you only have so many hours per day and, if you trade them for money when you write articles for others, you will never be paid more than a defined sum. Admittedly, a well-known name in this business might be able to obtain as much as 25 dollars for an article, but they still have to continually find new customers. And, again, this single article will only ever bring in the sum of $25.

Unless you do it in another way.

Stop selling articles to one customer at a time. Start selling your own products like e-books, reports, or even video courses etc.

You already know how to write. Instead of writing articles for others on their terms, you could write a short book and either sell it in electronic form over and over again online, or you can even have it printed (for free) and sell “real” physical books in the marketplace.

So, do you want to know where the best place is to look for well paid writing jobs?

On your own computer! You can bring in so much more income for yourself than you’ll ever receive by writing for others.

You know how to write, so now you only need to learn how to sell your writings. And it’s not as difficult as you might think.

I know, because I’ve done it myself over many years, and I had absolutely no background in marketing or sales.

What I did was to learn from a man whom I trust. He knows what he’s talking about, and he’s been making a living exactly this way for more than ten years. And he says he isn’t even a good writer!

I’m talking about Marlon Sanders.

Learn his Writer’s Secret: “How To Escape Your Day Job, Pay Your Bills And Make Progress Towards The Ideal Internet Lifestyle!” at

4 thoughts on “Money Making Ideas – Freelance Writing – The Best Place to Look for Well Paid Writing Jobs”

  1. I fully agree. “You can bring in so much more income for yourself than you’ll ever receive by writing for others.” That is the best description of why people should get off their behinds and start taking action. When they do they will discover the truth of your words.

    1. I think that many people already ARE taking action, and that’s the people I like to address. That’s the people you can inspire or help.

      People, who stay in their cozy armchair, watching football, are not the people reading this blog, so I’m not addressing them. They won’t budge anyway, so it wouldn’t help a thing, if I kicked their a… erm, behind. So I choose to respect my readers by addressing them as the action taking readers, they are.

  2. Wonderful and helpful commentary, Britt, on how to make money with your writing skills!

    If you’re just looking to make a few “extra” dollars (maybe even just temporarily), then writing articles for others is okay. Those earnings might allow you to cover a few small business-building expenses like your hosting fees, etc.

    However, there’s no question about it, selling your own products is BEST!


  3. What a wonderful idea Britt!Yes indeed writers from low cost countries have taken a lion share of the freelance writing but still I feel they will not having the same natural fair of native English writers. This idea of yours to create a product and selling it at a premium rather than offering your service at dirt cheap rates, is an absolute winner.

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