Are You Blogging for Money Only?

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If you’re blogging for money only, you might be making a big mistake.


Because blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

You might have to blog for weeks and months, before you make your first dollar, and making money online takes two things:

Action + Persistance

Yes, it’s easy to take action and make a new blog around the latest trend, but if you have to stick to it for a longer time – and making money might take a while – you’d better choose a topic, which has your interest.

I know, because when I started out, I wrote about tips and tricks to the computer, the home page and the Internet. I loved that topic, and I found so much pleasure in finding new tips week after week.

And that was great, because for months, I made close to nothing.

If this hasn’t been a passion for me, I would have stopped long ago, and I would never had reached the success this page later made me.

I was delighted to see that this was one of the advice that John Chow gave in his free resource guide: “Ultimate Blog Profit Model“.

It’s still available, so go and get it. You might not be able to use everything in it, but it contains lots of value. And the fact is that John Chow took his blog from 0 to $40,000 per month in a little over two years, while only spending two hours per day working on it.

(By the way: This blog post is scheduled in advance. I love that feature 🙂 )

2 thoughts on “Are You Blogging for Money Only?”

  1. I fully agree.

    The main passion for my political blog is to get my message out – and I don’t care whether it makes any profit. The best part is that it does BECAUSE I am passionate.

    Likewise, other blogs have each their reason for coming to life, and that’s why I also follow the rule of persistence. Because it’s fun to share.

    But somehow, the Law of Attraction works. When we keep longing for income it doesn’t work. But when we believe in the content we release, it not only works, but grows.

    That is the best part of the matter – although we couldn’t possibly prove this scientifically. 🙂

    PS: It would probably also be needed to mention that John Chow spent a lot of money on AdWords at the beginning. But his points are still valid, and it’s a good e-book indeed.

  2. I agree. I do think you’ve got to look at blogging as a long term strategy. It works on a few levels: traffic, list building and name recognition are three which spring immediately to mind. The good thing is that the original content you post will be there for ever more.

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