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Hi 🙂

Can you believe it?

Our cat didn’t like this Gouda…

He just sniffed at it and then walked away.

Okay, it WAS different from the Gouda from Lidl in France, but still…

Anyway, yesterday I told you that it was important to be passionate about the niche you choose, and today I’m going to tell you why.

Why passion is important

When I started my journey online in 1996, I had no idea about how to make money online.

Somebody told me about banner ads. And a friend put me in contact with an affiliate bureau. Back then you couldn’t just join unless you had thousands of daily visitors to your site or on your list.

Then I started to write about computer tips, something I was passiate about back then, and after a while I started to make money.

But after a year or so, people stopped clicking on the ads I had inside my mails.

This was very frustrating!

I spend around 8 hours weekly writing those tips!

And some weeks I made only around $3…

I nearly gave up.

There was only one thing that kept me – and that was my passion for computers and the Internet and all that.

I found it fun, and I loved digging for tips and I enjoyed sharing them.

My passion made me stick to that niche long enough to make a breakthrough.

There’s another advantage about being passionate about a topic and that is that it will take you much less time to write about it.

You’ll remember what you learn more easily, and you can convey that into your own words much faster.

You’ll love what you do, and really!

What would be the point in quitting a day-job, if it meant working on something you hated?

This job has to be fun.

That’s why I’ve ALWAYS told my students that they should make sure that they really loved the niche they were going into.

Look at whether or not it makes money, of course, but it’s just as important that you’re passionate about it.

Then you’ll feel that every day is a joy, and you’ll just become more and more happy 🙂 Just like me.

Have a great weekend,
Britt Malka

P.S. Yes, I know… Passion and money are not always enough. You have to be aware of a third ingredient… And we’ll talk about that tomorrow evening.

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