Affiliate Marketing Tips – How to Pick the Right ClickBank Product and Avoid Refunds

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If you want to make money by referring ClickBank products to others, there are more than one reason why refunds are a very bad thing, and I bet you would love some affiliate marketing tips that shows you how to avoid them.

Somebody at the WarriorForum asked what the average refund rate was for ClickBank products, and said that he’d heard 10% mentioned.

My personal experience has been that I’d seen four refunds of the products I’ve recommended, and I have resold hundreds of them.

Out of these four, two were from Danes who’d bought the product, publicly described how happy they were with it, and asked for a refund a month later.

The last two were people, who by mistake bought the same product twice.

How could I be so lucky?

Well, in fact, it has very little to do with luck. And I’ll show you that in a moment.

First I would like to tell you that this is not an “all you need to know about how to pick a ClickBank product”. The purpose of this blog post is to avoid refunds.

Here is my secret formula (which is not a real secret, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?):

Affiliate Marketing Tips #1: Pick the Product First

I assume here that you already have an audience…

The most successful products for me have been those, where I’d found the product first, loved it, found out where their affiliate programme was (for instance ClickBank), and then recommended it to others.

Some of those products are still selling, although I wrote about them more than five years ago (closer to ten, in fact).

These are good, evergreen products of high quality and reasonable price. They were all products I’ve bought myself first, before I recommended them to others, and I didn’t buy them to make money, but to learn.

Only when I saw that others would benefit from them also, I wrote about them and included my affiliate link.

This means investing, yes. But take this as a first test of the product:

If you wouldn’t pay for it, why on earth should your audience do it?

If you are not willing to pay for the product, then forget about it. Find another one in stead.

Hey – What About Keywords and Gravity and Stuff? You Had Nothing About That in Your Affiliate Marketing Tips

Yeah, well, I’m no super-affiliate. I like to spand over several areas and not only affiliate marketing, so my method could probably be improved.

All I know is that I’ve looked at keywords afterwards, and I didn’t worry about gravity at all, when I picked those products. All I thought was: Wow! I can use that!

Affiliate Marketing Tips #2: How to Check The Product Before Buying

If you’re going after money in an area where you don’t already have any products, or just don’t know what you could get, you’re probably going the other way around and starting in ClickBank.

You can do a search for your keyword and come up with some potential products.

Before you invest money in one of them, you should research as much as you can about it to find out if it’s worth the price.

Don’t search for “[product name] review”. If it’s a ClickBank product, most of the “reviews”, you’ll find, will probably be appraisals from persons who don’t even own the product, but who are just after a quick sale.

A few reviews will be faithful to the truth. I know that, because I always write honest reviews, and it’s my impression that other people, like Tiffany Dow, also do.

But in general, don’t search for reviews.

A better way to go is to check out the refund rate.

I’ve written a blog post earlier on how to find the refund rate on ClickBank, so I will not repeat myself here. Oh, by the way, even though you can find out for free, there’s an affiliate link inside that blog post for another one of those great, evergreen products that I use myself.

Affiliate Marketing Tips #3: Your Readers Have First Priority

Affiliate marketing tips
You might love this make-up, if you're a woman, but you wouldn't recommend it to your list of male wrestlers, would you?

If you find a great product that you love, and where you could earn $500 per product sold, would you recommend it to your readers?

Hopefully, your answer is: That depends…

If your readers could benefit from it, it would be awesome to recommend it to your readers and subscribers.

On the other hand, if it is not relevant for them, then don’t tell them about it. Yes, you might lose a couple of sales, but those sales could end up as refunds and unsatisfied customers. So don’t fall for the temptation and recommend something that is not relevant for your readers.

There you go – three affilaite marketing tips you can use right away.

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