How to Set Up a WordPress Blog in a Folder On Your Domain (like

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A couple of days ago, I got a question from a person I know from earlier emails and Facebook. She’s a really nice person, and one of those rare people who actually take action and do things.

So Hanne, which her name is, has not only bought a domain and set it up on HostGator, she now has also installed WordPress on it, and when she wrote me, she planned to buy a second domain for another kind of blog.

Unfortunately, none of her ideas for domain names were free, so Hanne asked me if it was possible to install a second blog on her domain in a folder named Blog, like – and yes, it is. And it is even very easy to do.

So let us set up a second blog here on my domain, just so that I can show you the simple process. I will delete it afterwards.

  1. Log into your cPanel. If you are using HostGator, it is very easy to remember where to find it. You just go to your main domain/cpanel. Install WordPress blog

  2. Find and click on the Fantastico Deluxe icon near the bottom. Install WordPress blog

  3. Find and click on WordPress in the menu to the left. Install WordPress blog

  4. Choose the link New InstallationInstall WordPress blog

  5. Use the little arrow to scroll down to your existin domain, and write “blog“, where it says “Install in directory“. DON’T create the folder. The system will do it for you. Install WordPress blog

  6. Fill in the rest of the information, e.g. choose your administrator name (for the WordPress dashboard), your nick name (for access to the database) etc.
  7. Click on the button Install WordPress. You will get a confirmation window after this, so don’t worry that you might have done something wrong.
  8. This is the confirmation window. You can see the access URL, and if you’re happy with this, click on the button Finish Installation. If the URL isn’t the right one, you must use the back-button on your browser, and correct the error. Install WordPress blog

  9. Right after the installation, you get a reminder about what Username and Password you have chosen, as well as the URL where you can access your WordPress Dashboard. Bookmark this link for future reference. Install WordPress blog

That was easy, wasn’t it?

We got our first domains ( and in December 1997, and believe me: What have tried A LOT of different web hosts. Some were okay, most were bad. I liked BlueHost for a while, but their service is not recommendable, and we had HUGE problems with them. Really! Then we moved to DreamHost, but having WordPress blogs there turned into a nightmare (we had 20 or so).

We’ve been on HostGator for a while (about a year), and it’s absolutely the best. Their service is great. Their uptime is great. The product is great, and not expensive. You can sign up with them through my link (affiliate, but I never recommend anything I don’t like – I do have affiliate links for BlueHost and DreamHost, but I don’t use them), and if you use the coupon code Malkadiscount, you can get the first month for $0.01. But sometimes they have a better offer, so just go through my link here to check:

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  1. As usual, Britt, your instructions are totally clear and to the point. It is this attention to small details that is often overlooked by so many others.

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