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Hi there 🙂

This is so awesome!

I deleted all content on my computer, and now I'm doing a fresh install. It's like getting a new Mac again. Everything is running fast.

When I click “Shut Down,” the computer shuts down in seconds.

Wow, this is cool! I should have done this at least a year ago.

How to Write 10,000 Words in One Day?

December 31th, 2010, I wrote more than 10,000 words. I had to write 25 articles that day, and I did it!

I used a system (and you'll hear more about it in a moment).

There's a myth that says that it has to take hours to write something good.

That's not true!

In fact, you can almost always sense when something has been dragged out of a person and painfully pinned down on paper.

On the other hand, when the words flow freely, they almost always end up being a pleasure to read.

But how could such a system be taught?

I mean, it's about “getting in the zone”… That's where magic happens.

Can you teach somebody how to do that?

Would you want to learn it?

Rob Howard has just written a short eBook that teaches the system he uses to come up with 1700 words per hour.

==>> http://malka.im/e/wordblazer

Your result may vary, of course. But I'm sure you can learn a lot from his book. I did. And I write pretty fast myself.

When I wrote a short story that was published in one of the biggest Danish magazines between Anais Nin and Tony Morrison, it took me only a few hours.

Rob uses the same technique I do, when I write best and fastest: it's what you do before writing that matters.

But there's much more than just that in the book.

Some of the things I learned and which will increase my hourly word count were:

  • Why I should listen to music without vocals.
  • What I should do for an hour daily (most people don't – I might have done it 5-10 minutes daily), which will make writing easier and faster.
  • Why I'm actually on the right track when I have a Mac for work and a PC for World of Warcraft. (No, it's not about the Mac/PC war).
  • How my work flow should be (several of the steps were new to me) to be writing more effectively.

That was just some of the many tips I could use.

Overall I found the book very inspiring and helpful. If it wasn't bed-time here, I would start writing a bigger project.

Bonus: How to Write 8 Articles in 2 Hours or Less

Since I started out by bragging about my 10,000 words in one day, I thought I owed you an explanation.

That day, I used my system to write 8 articles in 2 hours or less.

I wrote almost non-stop, and I got all 25 articles finished AND accepted at Ezine Articles.

Then I wrote a book about this system. I'm normally selling it, but I'd forgotten to set it up again on another domain…

But if you get Rob's book through my link, and create a support ticket here – http://malkasupport.com – with a copy of your receipt, then I'll reply with a link to my eBook as a free bonus.

Follow these steps

Okay, so here's what you should do now to increase your writing speed and write better – fiction or non-fiction.

  • Step #1: Grab Rob's book here: http://malka.im/e/wordblazer
  • Step #2: Go to my support desk, create a new ticket, and paste a copy of your recipe there.
  • Step #3: Read Rob's book.
  • Step #4: Think about what you learned.
  • Step #5: Take action.

Have a great week,
Britt Malka

P.S. I'm off to sleep now, but I'll check MalkaSupport first thing in the morning, so grab the chance and start writing faster and better now: http://malka.im/e/wordblazer

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