How to Find Great Headlines for Your Landing Pages

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Even if you have the most interesting page in the world, if you don’t attract people’s attention with a striking headline, nobody will ever read it.

So how do you come up with a eyeball sucking magnetic headline?

Eric Schechter has a nice tip from Greg Rollett about how to do exactly that. He buys magazines, and rewrites the headlines, grounded in the philosophy that if these magazines can survive the crises, they must be doing something right. This is how he does, exactly:

Head on over (or send your underpaid staffer on over) to the local big book store and start grabbing all the magazines on the rack that have to do with your niche and may overlap slightly.

So now I have a ridiculous stack of shiny bundled paper at this little table in the cafe. I grab a Monster Energy Drink, a pen and a notebook and start writing all the titles of the articles on the front covers.

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1 thought on “How to Find Great Headlines for Your Landing Pages”

  1. That may be a good idea, but there aren’t that many magazines on earning money online, yet… 😉

    On the other hand the idea can be good for inspiration – and is certainly worth using in other niches.

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