Wish me luck!

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Hi 🙂

In 2007 my son bought an iMac – cash! Being only 20 years old, he was very proud of this!

I went from PC to Mac myself in January 2006, so I asked him if I should come and teach him the basics, but he managed.

Then three months later he send me a message: “OMG! I had to restart my Mac!”

Back when I had a PC, I formatted the harddrive at least every three months.

But that hasn't been necessary with my Mac. I got a new one in 2009 and just transferred the content as it were from my old Mac.

I've installed several updates of the operating system…

And NOW it's time!

I have to backup everything, delete everything and install all the programs I use again. From scratch this time.

So wish me luck!

I hope I'll be able to write to you again Sunday!

Have a great weekend,
Britt Malka

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