Zaxaa as payment gateway?

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Hi 🙂

Yay! Have I been productive today?

You bet!

And the weather here?

I’m glad you asked. It has been 73F/23C – so nice and warm 😀

I finished writing the book I told you about Friday.

We even worked out a name for it… Although there might be last minute changes.

So far it’s “Presto Traffic: Your free and fun 15-minute weekly system to get traffic to your site or blog”.

Obviously, I’ll need a payment gateway with an affiliate system to go with that book.

What About Zaxaa?

I got a question in a private email this morning from a friend, and it read:

Are you going to join Zaaxa?

I saw your promo email about it.

Seems like we need to have a good payment gateway.

How does it rate, compared to JVZoo, Clickbank, etc.?

Welly Mulla has been a marketer and product creator for awhile.

I answered it privately, but just now I figured that you might be having the same thoughts.

And if you’re on the fence about Zaxaa, you don’t have that long to sit there…

Their generous offer ends March 4th:

Here’s what I answered my friend about Zaxaa

Yes, I’m going to join Zaxaa today, in fact.

Well, I joined a couple of years ago, but I haven’t started to use it yet, but today I’m going to pay for a year’s Premium plan. (Update: Which I did an hour ago.)

WarriorPlus is really bugged. That’s why I never used it.

I used to like JVZoo, but they cost me a lot of money on my last two launches because of really stupid bugs.

From what I hear about Zaxaa, they are much better, and you save a fortune in fees.

Yes, I bought Profits Theme when it was first launched. Used it for a while on most of my blogs. Then it had a serious bug in the membership area, and I was forced to switch. Now I’ve put it back on because I’m going to use it for squeeze pages 🙂

I hope Zaxaa is good.

But I’m really tired of JVZoo, so I need to do something different, and it will not be WarriorPlus.

ClickBank is really expensive to get into, and you have to wait 60 days for your money. With the rest of the portals (including Zaxaa) you’re paid immediately.

I hope this helps 🙂

End of mail…

And I hope it helps you, too.

I’m going to use Zaxaa for my next product, and I’m going to use their free membership plugin as well. You don’t need to pay anything to get it (ha, I just told you it was free, so you knew that, right?). You only need to sign up, and then go under Settings and look for Zaxaa member.

You can sign up here anytime – – but if you want to save HUGE on fees, you have until March 4th.

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. I got mails asking about the link to my upcoming book. I don’t have any yet, but it will be ready within a few days.

2 thoughts on “Zaxaa as payment gateway?”

  1. Hi Britt,

    I am also looking at zaxaa as a solution as it seems to cover so much.

    I wondered if you knew if it integrates with Leadpages? I would like to use LP for welcome gate and squeeze page, then have zaxaa handle the rest but don’t know if this is possible?

    Might require some cusom coding?


    1. Hi Graeme,
      I don’t know if it does, but if you can add html code to leadpages, then it should work. But you can always ask Zaxaa. I’ve found them to be very fast with useful replies.

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