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Hi there 🙂

Now for a week or so, I’ve told you how to be more productive and focused, and now I’m telling you to relax?

This is something I discovered many years ago.

In 2000, my family and I moved to France, and we encountered all kinds of weird problems, like checks gone missing, people not paying when they should, etc.

That costed a lot of money in fees to banks and other places… Sigh…

So we had to work hard to make money.

For years we worked from early morning to late night – often until 2-3 or even 4am.

We did so seven days a week.

To say that we were exhausted after a while is a huge understatement.

We compensated by going out to dinner at least once a week – which costed money – but we really needed that to relax.

Then one day we decided that we would take Saturdays off and only relax. No business, no work, nothing.

The funny thing is that it resulted in more work done during the six other days 🙂

So remember to take your day off – whether you do it for religious reasons or just to relax.

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. My relaxation day just ended, but I’m going to stay in relax mode and only start working again tomorrow, Sunday.

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