Have you done it? (focus tip)

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Hi 🙂

You will not believe how busy I’ve been today 😀

I’m actually pretty proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished.

There’s a reason for WHY I worked for 2 hours and 50 minutes almost non-stop when I could have relaxed and played World of Warcraft instead.

Before I tell you my great productivity trick, I’ll share with you what I’m working on…

Hubby’s Facebook Piggyback Traffic Method

Okay, it might need a better name, but…

A while back my husband came up with a method to piggyback on Facebook to start up a brand-new blog and get traffic to it.

A f-r-e-e method!

I grilled his brains a couple of times and took plenty of notes, and now I’m writing it all down.

I even came up with an extra tip of my own 😀

Now, since this was his method, I asked him to help me with the product, and he immediately took action.

That was two days ago, and I didn’t start right away.

So here I was – asking him to help, and not doing anything myself.

I felt bad!

That brings me up to the productivity tip I’m going to share with you, but before I do, I’ll tell you something that you’ll love to hear.

You Can Get It First

To show you my appreciation for being on my list, I will let you get this product one day before everybody else and without raising the prices.

It will be sold as a dime-sale from $7-$9.95, and you will get one day where it will be sold for $7 all day.

But it gets even better…

If you so choose, and if you’re among the 15 first to take action, you can get it for only $1.

In return, I would love your honest feedback in the comment field of the sales page.

I plan to release this next week…

And now to the productivity tip.

Find an Accountability Partner

I got things done today, and I was VERY focused, because I had an accountability partner: my husband.

He didn’t say anything, but I felt guilty about not doing my part of the work, when he already did his.

Your accountability partner can be a friend or a colleague. Or even a webservice.

You can sign up at https://lift.do for free and get an app on your iPhone or Android phone/tablet.

It will help you get things done and focus.

And with these words I’ll sign off and get my weekly day off.

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. Next week you’ll get detailed instructions about how you can get my new product for only $1.

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