Getting Paid for Writing Blog Posts – Ethical or Not?

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If you have a blog that’s a few months old at least and has some traffic, you can get paid to write blog posts. If you join a portal like BlogsVertise, they will send you tasks that you can either accept or refuse.

Typically, the client will ask you to write about his home page and use specific links. You’re not obliged to write positively about the site, but you have to put in the links and anchor texts they ask you to, and write at least the number of words they ask of you.

How much you can make by writing that kind of blog posts depends on your site, how many visitors you get, and it’s Google and Alexa rank and probably some other factors, too, that I’m not familiar with.

Now, what? If AcneShadyBusiness asks you to write about their site, and you know that it’s relevant for your readers to hear the good, the bad and the ugly about this site, would you do it and accept money for your work?

Let me tell you what I think about it…

Disclosure – NEVER Lie to Your Readers

Personally, I find it totally okay to receive money to write a blog post, as long as they don’t dictate an opinion I have to express. And as long as I’m allowed to give a full disclosure about it.

That’s why I always put paid blog posts in the category “Paid Reviews”, and often I will write that I’ve been asked to write about that site.

This morning, I got a new request from Fugaldad. They wanted me to write about Walgreens coupon codes. I have no idea about what that is, but I was willing to take a look to find out if it were relevant for you, but then I saw this note:

Note: If you choose to disclose within the post itself, we kindly ask that you decline this task. Thank You!

I kindly declined 😉


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