“How Do You Make Money Online, Mom?”

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Our son, Danni, visited us last week. He’s living in a kibbutz outside of Haifa, and he’s in Hebrew school three days a week, so he cannot work at the moment.

That caused a sudden interest in how we make money online.

I told him that we had a lot of different sources of online income.

Danni Malka

My husband has sites in French, where he offers training in assertion, hypnosis sessions for download, and a lot of other stuff. He also sells eBooks in Danish about different topics.

I make a lot of money with AdSense on an old domain I haven’t touched for four-five years.

And then I sell eBook and video courses.

Danni didn’t look overly enthusiastic when he heard all this. I think he didn’t feel like being able to copy what we did.

So I showed him a blog I have on Blogger.com. It makes me money almost every month, and it took me an hour to make two years ago.

In fact, every time I think about that blog that contains nothing more than a few pictures and a few huge affiliate links, I decide to make more of that kind of blogs. I made it as a case story, when Sara Young launched her Easy Paycheck Formula back in 2010. I got the course and thought: “Can it really be that easy? haha!”, and then I made this one blog, and before the end of the week, I’d gained money from it.

Danni decided to start with a place I’ve written about a long time ago, MTurk. He’s actually having fun, now, writing articles in English, coming up with all kinds of stories. He’s showed me some of them, and they made me laugh. I’m proud of him!

He says he likes MTurk, because he can perform small tasks there that takes him a few minutes, every time he has some spare time. I guess that when he’s feeling more comfortable with writing, he might start doing other things that will keep sending him a passive income, like the small blogs, I mentioned above. The important thing is that he’s started, and he’s already made a nice sum of money.

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  1. That is the best start/ stepping I know, I will love to undergo a kind of training also in order to start my journey with this creating money online…

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