I dabbled (do you?)

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Hi there 🙂

Are you dabbling?

When I first heard that word three years ago, I had to look it up, because I didn’t know what it meant.

Dabbling is (besides dipping your feed in the water) according to my dictionary: “taking part in an activity in a casual or superficial way.”

Let me see how bright you are. Can you figure out what the opposite of dabbling is?

I’ll give you 10 seconds…

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…


Time’s up!

The opposite of dabbling around from one project to another is to focus.

“Focus is what’s going to get you to the next level” ~ Sara Young

So to motivate you and start thinking about getting laser focused, I found a great Ted presentation…

It’s short, 5:55 minutes, but you’ll feel really inspired and motivated after you’ve seen it.

When should you watch it?

Later today? Tomorrow? By the end of the week?

Nope, you should go there now, because this will really open up your eyes, and it will be a great way to start the week.



We’re going to start out on a journey to get more focused and become more successful.

I hope you’ll join me on that journey.

We’ll start tomorrow 😀

So this will be the last day in your life where you’ll be dabbling.

Have an outstanding dirty dabbling day 😀

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. Did you figure it out before the ten seconds were up?

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