Review of Blue Global Media – First Impression

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Affiliate network with high pay outs and high-priced products are always in demand. So when I got contacted by Blue Global Media to write about them, I found it interesting.

To be honest, this is not the kind of Affiliate network I would use myself. Why not?

Simply, because they specialize in financial products like loans and credit reports. I don't recommend people to get in debt.

Anyway, for test reasons, I went ahead and signed up.

Less than 24 hours later, I received an email from them, saying:

Hi Britt,

We are sorry but your application has not been approved at this time.
If you are a genuine affiliate and you want to be part of our network but feel your application was turned down unfairly, please contact us by telephone at 001-915-654-1230

Thank you,
The Admin Team

I've discovered that this is a normal procedure with the CPA networks. If you want to join, you must call them. Well, I don't want to call them from my mobile phone from Israel, so I just answered by email. But if you're serious about getting in, give them a call, and tell them how you intend to promote them; how many years you've been working as an affiliate; how many daily visitors you have; and all that kind of stuff.

Seen from the outside, the site is very well organised and easy to find your way around. You can even – before joining – see what their top-performing offers are. I liked that.

They also offer things that I couldn't see, like a Payday affiliate program – I'm just sent back to the front page, when I try the link.

But if you're interested in earning up to $100 per lead, and you don't mind promoting credit cards and loans (I do mind, but that's just me), then I would go ahead and check this place out.

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