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As an Internet marketer you're probably interested in web hosting. I know that I am. Since we bought our first domains back in 1997, we've tried several hosting companies. Some never managed to host our domains, even though they took our money. Others did for a while, until we got so tired of their service (or lack of it) that we switched.

We stayed with one particular French web host for several years. His service and product were excellent, but the price was too high. We paid $100 per month for 2.5GB.

Anyway, finding the right web host is one of your most important tasks.

I've been asked twice to write about a web hosting rating site that contacted me. The first time, I declined, but when they asked me again today, I thought… why not. My readers should be able to learn something from this blog post.

There's no doubt about it – these guys have done an excellent job on the design of the site. It looks very professional. And you don't have to spend time searching for information. It is all presented very nicely right in front of you.

In one look, you can see who is ranking as number 1, 2, 3… 7, then you have to scroll to watch further down.

You can easily search through the host catalogue by choosing region, type or price.

When it comes to the ranking sites, it seemed a bit odd to me, though. I can see that the highest ranking has 5 stars – coming from 72 reviewers.

Number 2 ranking has 4.8 stars, coming from 304 reviewers. It's a site I've never heard about, by the way, just like the highest ranking.

HostGator (my favourite) has only gotten 4.5 stars and only 4 reviews. Weird. You can see their HostGator reviews here. Notice how one of the reviewers doesn't give any stars for customer support, and another one only 4 stars. I've rarely seen as good customer support as HostGator offers, at least not beside the one we paid $100 per month for 2.5GB with.

Even BlueHost (I recommend that you stay away from them) has only received 8 reviews. I would have thought that those two well-known hosts should receive more than 12 reviews together, especially compared to the two highest ranking, to me unknown hosts that have 380 reviews together.

So my overall impression is that this is a nice site, but I have a hard time believing that it's as independent as they claim.

What do you say? Do you find their reviews and rankings convincing?

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  1. I appreciate your effort Britt. At least you didn’t hesitate to post this informative article. It really helps us in our decision making specially in the field of online business.

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