“He’s a doctor, the poor guy” – About Limitations

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One of my favourite movies is the French “La Vérité Si Je Mens! 2” (Would I Lie To You? 2) In the movie, you meet members of the Jewish community in France. One of the guys falls in love with a beautiful young woman, who’s father is a business man (played by Enrico Macias). He just gave away his other daughter, but his son-in-law cannot take over his business, because, as he puts it: “He’s a doctor, the poor guy”.

The short quote is an example of French humour, when it’s best. Nothing is explained about this phrase. You either understand it, or you don’t, when you watch the movie, and knowing that a lot of Jewish jokes are around the theme: “a son should either become a doctor or a lawyer”, this quote is even more fun.

How can this son-in-law have a dream occupation and yet be a “poor guy”?

I Confess: I Once Studied Medicine

When I was young and still in school, I first thought of becoming a journalist, but since I didn’t like telephones and being aggressive in getting answers from strangers, I gave up the idea. I also had an interest in psychology and mental illnesses, so I decided to become a psychiatric, and thus, I had to study medicine.

On a side note: Hey! Have you ever wondered about the dilemma of being insane? I mean, insane people aren’t aware that they are insane, but if you’re afraid of being insane that means that you’re aware, and thus not insane, but just when you feel relieved that you’re not insane, the thought hit you: Erm… insane people think they are not insane…

Well, anyway.

Luckily, I had too little money that time, and I didn’t finish my medicine study. Instead I continued on my twisted way to become a writer.

But HAD I become a doctor, I’d been stuck. I would have spend at least seven years of my life, studying medicine. I would have spend a fortune on books, education, etc. And it would have been almost impossible just to walk away on all that, just to try something else.

Hey, honey, do you mind if I dump the practice? I have this idea about making money online, writing blogs and cool stuff. I’m sure it’ll work after a while…

If I’d married Mr. Doctor, he would probably put down his golf clubs with a serious look at me, he too considering whether I was insane or not.

And I would have been stuck.

Or would I?

Is it any different to work in an office from 9-16 daily and give that up?

I think people either dare take the step of faith, or they don’t.

Do you have it in you?

Well, you know the drill, write me a comment, plz 😉

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  1. Not all people know the drill because they don’t write… But what the heck, gives me a better chance to be number one. 😉

    I think you’re right. Either people like their comfort zones, or they are willing to take a chance. Stepping out in faith is more for christians because they can always blame God for their mistakes. But I do agree we should believe enough in our projects to set goals that move in the direction of becoming independent.

    Independence is a mindset – not just whether you take in a salary. I love having a job where I am free to have lots of days off, and then I can work a few days and have some other days off. But when the other projects succeed, the goal is clear: I want to be my own boss.

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