Help! Whom do you ask?

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Hi there 🙂

Unless you’re one of the few who knows everything there is to know about all aspects of building an online business, you’ll have questions.

turn pictures on to see thisQuestions like:

  • How do I set up a blog?
  • Which membership script should I get?
  • Where do I start?
  • Does my Amazon review page look good?
  • Why doesn’t my site convert?
  • How do I build a list?
  • Where do I get traffic…

You’ll need help from people who know more in that specific area than yourself.

Whom do you go to?

Do you have a network?

Listen, I’ve been in this business for almost 15 years, and I still have questions, and I still need help.

We cannot know it all.

And sometimes it’s not something like “how to install this script” but help with a decision, like “which plugin is the better of the two?”

You could hire a coach, of course, and that’s a good solution.

But expensive, too…

There’s a solution which is just as good, but many times lower priced – and that is to
join this forum ==>>

I’m not telling you this, because I’m part of it (hehe, well, yeah, sort of, but I’m a volunteer). But because this forum is REALLY good!

I recommended it to one of my closests friends from the first week I was there – how long has it been… a couple of years maybe?

He’s still a member, by the way. As are many of the other members I met back then.

The forum contains threads with money-making tips, but you can also ask all the questions you like to the experts.

Pure gold, if you want my opinion. Well, you got it anyway 😉

This forum is really special and very friendly!

I highly recommend you join now.


Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. Looking forward to meeting you inside:

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