How to sell, accept payment and deliver your product

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Hi there 🙂

Some people give up even before they create their first product, because they find it simply overwhealming to have to figure out how to:

  • Accept payments
  • Automatically deliver their product
  • Protect their product from thieves

I hope that’s not you?

Before I tell you about the simple solutions – even free ones – you have today, I’ll share a piece of history with you.

When I started out in Internet marketing, I contacted banks to hear if they had some kind of solution to accept payments online.

They didn’t.

Then this awesome service saw the dawn of light… It was called PayPal, and I immediately adopted it.

When my husband and I sold our first online products, we accepted checks, bank virements, and a few, very few, people could pay us through PayPal, when we told them what email to send to.

PayPal evolved, and it became possible to accept payments and deliver products automatically, if you had a script to help you.

I bought that script. It costed me $200 and it was very difficult to install.

On top of that I needed another script to encrypt the PayPal buttons so that thieves couldn’t just read the source of the web page and know where to download the product.

Can you imagine the amount of time it took just to put one product up for sale?

I can assure you! We didn’t change prices frequently!

Today’s Possibilities

Today you have so many ways of easily accepting payments and deliver your product that I no longer remember them all.

I have web shops installed on WordPress, and I use PHP scripts on other sites.

You can use WarriorPlus, if you sell on the Warrior Forum (maybe outside of it, too? Not sure.) I’ve never used it, because I found that there were too many bugs.

I’ve used JVZoo and been happy with them, although their bugs annoyed me, and lately they’ve cost me a great deal of money.

People tend to get annoyed when they are billed twice…

And even though it’s free to join and set up a product, you pay fees for every sale you make.

Because of the many bugs at JVZoo, and because I heard good about another service, I’m changing to this:


Zaxaa is also free to join. Their fees are lower than JVZoo’s. Their features are similar. Some seems to be better, while at least one other is lacking so far (they promised to look at it, though).

They offer a free WordPress membership plugin and…

Right now you can totally get rid of the fees if you join as a founding member.

That’s what I intent to do. I don’t have a product to launch right now, so I might wait until a few days later, but I’ve put this in my calendar.

Check it out – and get in before March 4th.

You can sign up for free and get access to both vendor options as well as affiliate options.

For affiliates it’s very lucrative, because they offer lifetime cookies.

Once you’ve sent a subscriber to a product, they are cookied forever.

There are many other features that I like about Zaxaa, but I still have to try them to be certain that they are stable.

Some big marketers have made the switch, though…

And it can’t be worse than my latest experiments with JVZoo…

So I’m going to take the leap of faith and use them.

Whatever you do, then know that there are plenty of ways to accept payments, and deliver your product safely.

Don’t let technical matters stand between you and an online income.

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. Awesome deal here if you join now:

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