Why I (Mac user) loved Microsoft

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Hi there 🙂

How has your day been so far?

Here we had high temperatures – 78F/26C – and sun 😀

I learned a lot by watching a video course I bought, and…

my son wrote about a girl he wants to marry on Facebook.

I’ve given up on that topic. I have stopped asking him if the pretty girl he’s pictured with is “only a friend” or a girl friend.

I wait for the wedding invitations…

He’s 26, has more blue eyes than Paul Newman and blond hair, living in Israel… I’m almost certain that I’ll get a beautiful blackhaired, browneyed girl as daughter-in-law one day.

Anyway, back to the topic – Microsoft!

With all the bugs and stupidities, you gotta love them, right?

Especially as a Mac user 😉

I mean… Every web-designer’s dream is Internet Explorer…

And Word… trying to keep up with the number of bugs, while actually doing some serious work.

I’m not even mentioning Outlook and the stupid way it taught people to quote messages. That rant will take up a whole book for me.

I had subscribers writing me, years ago, saying that they knew I hated Microsoft.

I didn’t.

I loved them – for all their bugs.

I was writing books about how to use your computer, and I asked the Danish publishing house I wrote for, if I could write a book about Mac.

They said ‘no’. There were not enough problems with Mac.

And as an author – a writer – you need to solve problems.

This made me love Microsoft, because I made a living writing about their buggy programs and the problems people had using Windows and Internet Explorer.

What about you?

Where is your market?

Do you go after helping people solve problems or just the easy things nobody cares about?

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. If you would like solve problems for people, then you should write a book. John Schwartz teaches a great way to do it in this product: http://malka.im/e/zeusinfo

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