Looking for an AdSense Alternative? I Got the Perfect Solution for You

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Many people are looking for an AdSense alternative, and there can be several reasons for that:

  • They had their AdSense account closed.
  • Some of their sites aren’t bringing in AdSense income.
  • They don’t want to have AdSense on specific sites.
  • Their AdSense income has gone down.

You might have noticed that I’ve never had any AdSense ads on this blog, for instance. No? Ah… but well, I haven’t. And that was on purpose.

Since everybody can create AdWords ads, this blog could end up having an advert for a product I definitely not recommend. And you would think that I had placed that advert there.

No way!

So no AdSense on this blog, so until now I just didn’t have any ads, or only the odd advert for Hostgator or something.

Then entered this little – free – plugin that can be a game-changer. Why?

Let’s look at WHY AdSense got so popular in the first place.

What Made AdSense So Popular?

If you’d tried to maintain a blog or website BEFORE AdSense, you know why.

One day, you got your banner code, put it online on your 714 articles, and then the next day, you received a message about this campaign no longer running.

Remove all 714 banner codes; find a new; put them online, etc. etc.

HARD WORK – no, maybe not hard, but time-consuming and BO-O-RING!

AdSense works in a quite different way. You put ONE code online, and depending on the words you have in your articles, you get served the right ads. Those adverts used the context to figure out what people would be interested in clicking on.

No more tedious, boring work – only money streaming in.

What to Do If You Don’t Want to or Can’t Use AdSense

If you didn’t want to use AdSense, you had little choice. It was back to the boring banners, or you could try your luck with Yahoo ads, if you wrote in English.

A few days ago, that became a situation of the past, because of a new, free, plugin that serves you ads depending on what tags you use for your blog posts.

Contextual ads, not necessarily related to AdSense.

The plugin is called Related Ads and it’s free. I don’t know why, because it could easily be priced $97 in my opinion. I love that they don’t even write that on their page, by the way. I hate that kind of hype, but I hope you don’t mind that I say it here.

Anyway, you install the plugin, and you create an ad group. To each ad group, you can have several ads. You can then show those ads in widgets, or directly in your blog posts by adding either the short code, they provide you with, or the php code.

But when you go to the site, you can see the short video that will explain it all: => http://relatedadsplugin.com/download/foxladi

This AdSense Alternative Has the Following Benefits

I've copied a little bit of text from the plugin's page and added my comments between brackets:

About this AdSense Alternative – What Are The Benefits Of Related Ads?

  • Manage All Your AdSense Placements (you can even chose to show AdSense in some posts and products in other posts to optimize your income).
  • Put Targeted Ads On Any Post Or Page Widget (this is a brilliant feature, because you can use your tags to target the best ads related to your posts).
  • Display Optin Forms On Any Post Or Page Widget (maybe you don't want an advert but an optin form related to your post? this plugin takes care of it).
  • Insert Ads/Optins Using Short Codes Or PHP (this allows you to put specific ads inside your blog posts, if you want).
  • Import/Export ALL Your Affiliate Ads From One Blog To Another (this saves you time – you can set up the system once and use it on other blogs).
  • Sell Advertising On Your Site Based On Tags! (Funny thing here – I just mentioned that to my husband yesterday, when he put this plugin on one of his pages, and last night we were approached by somebody who wanted to pay for advertising on his site).
  • Display Any Kind Of Related Content Via Widgets (that leaves the choice completely up to you).
  • And More Uses We Haven't Even Thought Of Yet (and me neither, hehe).

Let me know what you think about this AdSense alternative in the comments.

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