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Mar 27

Make Updating Of Your Blogging Script And Plugins Easy

By Britt Malka | Money Online

If you are hosting your own blogs, and they are created with WordPress or another blogging script, you should make it easy for yourself to update the script, whenever there’s a newer version. Failing to do that can cost you a lot of trouble, because there are often security holes in those popular scripts, and it’s easy for script kiddies to gain access to your server, if you do not keep your blogging script updated. Here’s how to make the process easy:
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Mar 13

Genious Way to Hijack the Search Engines with the right Anchor Texts in Links

By Britt Malka | Money Online

Links are not just! They are important for both the site (A), they link to, and to the site (B) that is linking. Let’s take a look at A’s situation first:

Why the Anchor Text is important to the Site that is being linked to

A is a homepage, and the owner would like it to be found in the search engines if people write “the root of all evil”. Yup, an interesting manner of speech – others might have thought about boring things like “nice webdesign”, “the best redwines”, “the soft paws of Fido” or something completely different.

It will not be of much help for A, if he’s found by the word “here”, which is the case for the company Adobe.
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