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Jun 06

Should You Make Your Own Info Products Or Sell Others’?

By Britt Malka | Affiliate Marketing , Money Online , Product Creation

One of the best things to sell on the Internet is info products. This has several reasons:

  • People want them.
  • They are easy to deliver.
  • They are fast to deliver (and people want things fast).
  • People are willing to pay for knowledge.
  • You don’t have to have a stock.

Now, should you decide to sell info products, you have two choices: Sell your own products or others’. Which is the better?
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May 29

Compare Credit Cards If You Need One

By Britt Malka | Money Online

One of our friends from the US told us that his wife, very wise woman, had forbidden him to use credit cards. And I must confess that they can be something of a trap.

Originally, I reasoned like this: If we use a credit card, our account will not be debited before the end of the month, where we’ll have more money on it. So we’ll gain a lot from not having to pay big interest rates.

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May 17

Discuss Finance Markets on Forum

By Britt Malka | Money Online

This is a paid review – which doesn’t mean that I’ll just sheepishly tell nice things about the forum.

First of all, the people behind the UK finance forum ask us not to write that it’s a sponsored or paid review: “PLEASE avoid stating sponsored or paid review if possible.” Well, this isn’t possible, as ReviewMe states in their first review guidelines:

“1. You must disclose that the post is a paid post in some way. Here are some ideas: “Sponsored Post:”, “The following is a paid review:” “Advertisement:”.”

I think it’s important in order to maintain the integrity of the blogger, that it is disclosed whenever a review is being paid for.

That being said – now for the review. Could you use this forum?

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