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Jul 18

Are You Making Money From YouTube

By Britt Malka | Affiliate Marketing , Money Online , Traffic

Books are written about making spreading your own movies like wildfire through services like YouTube and Google Video and thereby selling tons, or GigaBytes, of products, and getting billions of visitors on your homepage.

This is not the subject for this posting. Have you ever considered making money from YouTube and Google Video, without recording the slightest milimeter of movie?
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Jul 03

I Was On The Radio Today

By Britt Malka | Money Online

A Danish radio station had learned that I’ve published a book about making money online in Denmark, so they wanted to do an interview with me to learn more about this “earn money on the Internet stuff”.

It is not the first time I’ve been interviewed to a Danish radio. The last time it was about making money from blogs, and it was the official Danish radio (Danmarks Radio) that did the interview.

This time I felt more at easy. The journalist asked some good questions, and the listeners also got a little tip about where to put AdSense ad units (of course, you know that) 😉

I anyone should understand Danish, you can listen to the interview here: My Danish blog: I was on the radio

Jul 02

Warning About Good Deal Hosting

By Britt Malka | Money Online

When you get a domain it is very important to choose the right webhost. I have one. Here in France. Recently, there was a script I couldn’t get to work there, and the programmer recommended his webhost. The webhost, Good Deal Hosting, promised a 30 days trial period, so I thought: What is there to loose?

Actually, a Good Deal!
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