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Jun 01

Put “Unsubscribe” at the Top and at the Bottom

By Britt Malka | Money Online

“What? The dreaded “Unsubscribe” at the top? But I want to hide it as much as possible. I don’t want people to unsubscribe…”

Well, that might be, and we’ve all seen smart marketers putting lots of space between the newsletter and the unsubscribe link, but guess what? If people want to leave, they leave, and you don’t want to give them an easy way out, they’ll find it.

The even more dreaded SPAM button.

This is what the GetResponse Blog tells us about their experience:

Subscribers today don’t just use the SPAM button to register a complaint about scams, or emails they didn’t request. It can be as basic as they no longer want to receive that email. They could have double opted in yesterday, but if your content doesn’t appeal to them, then they just decide to “kill it”!

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May 20

Review of the Wealthy Affiliate University

By Britt Malka | Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy AffiliateIt’s now been 10 days, since I joined the Wealthy Affiliate University, and as promised, here’s a short review of this membership site. I might add more later, when I know more, and when I – hopefully – have made extra money because of this membership.

The first night, I didn’t go to bed, because there was just so much to read and explore 😀

Take a look at this little video, which will show you some of the things you will find insite. I forgot to tell something, and I’ll add them below.

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May 18

R.I.P. Rhodes Brothers’ Super Affiliate Challenge

By Britt Malka | Affiliate Marketing

Or: How you should learn and drag out something positive from even negative situations

You know how they say that you should structure your articles and blog posts? I’m a true believer of that principle as well.

But guess what? This blog post is going to have no structure what so ever. I will write about (in no particular order):

  • What I’ve learned from the Rhodes Brothers’ Super Affiliate Challenge, although it was a failure.
  • How Silence is not always Gold
  • The difference between “giving up” and “knowing when to stop”.

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May 10

First Look at The Wealthy Affiliate University

By Britt Malka | Affiliate Marketing

This is NOT a review. I know I put it under the category “Review”, but a real one will follow later. This is far too soon. But I’ll tell you about my first impressions of The Wealthy Affiliate University.

I first heard about them a few days ago, but since the weekend was about to begin, and I knew I wouldn’t have time to profit from this site, I waited until today with joining. Today is Monday, May 10th, and before I go on, I would like to invite you to go and see how much you get from this membership. See some of the things, they offer, and how it can benefit you.

Click here to take a short look yourself: The Wealthy Affiliate University

Don’t spend too much time there now. Just get a brief overview. You’ll probably forgot some of the features, like I did, and get positively surprised later, when you join, should you decide so.

My reasons for joining was: I wanted to be better at selling affiliate products, and I wanted to use the article writer/spinner.

Now see, what I also found. Maybe some of it can inspire you?

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Apr 20

Review of the Simple Cash Blog by Rhodes Brother’s – important update

By Britt Malka | Affiliate Marketing

Hi, my name is Britt Malka, and I’ve been making a living on the Internet since 2000. My story, in short, was that we moved from Denmark to France, and I didn’t speak very much French. So I started out by selling programs as an affiliate, and by writing books. I searched for more information about how to get succesfull in selling other people’s stuff, and I stumbled upon the Rhodes Brothers and shortly after that I joined the Simple Cash Blog for the first time.

Well, I’ve actually seen quite a few products about how to make money online, and there are far between really valuable information. So when I received a copy of a report the Rhodes Brothers gave for free to their blog members, I was interested, but sceptic.

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Apr 19

I don’t get it – why does he put that much work into copying and scamming?

By Britt Malka | Traffic

Romando Popim or Patrick K. O'BrienAt the moment, I’m doing quite a lot of forum marketing, and on one forum after another, I stumbled upon the same man, who made excellent posts. Or so it seemed.

I was impressed, to begin with. I mean, he cranked out one post after another that should be sticky.

But then I saw that same man getting banned at different forums, and other members writing about how he copied posts from Warrior Forum.

What really puzzles me is: Why does he do it? He must be spending a huge amount of time, joining forums, putting up his picture, writing answers to the copied posts, he makes. All that to have his links removed, his accounts banned, and getting himself a really bad name in business.

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