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May 17

Discuss Finance Markets on Forum

By Britt Malka | Money Online

This is a paid review – which doesn’t mean that I’ll just sheepishly tell nice things about the forum.

First of all, the people behind the UK finance forum ask us not to write that it’s a sponsored or paid review: “PLEASE avoid stating sponsored or paid review if possible.” Well, this isn’t possible, as ReviewMe states in their first review guidelines:

“1. You must disclose that the post is a paid post in some way. Here are some ideas: “Sponsored Post:”, “The following is a paid review:” “Advertisement:”.”

I think it’s important in order to maintain the integrity of the blogger, that it is disclosed whenever a review is being paid for.

That being said – now for the review. Could you use this forum?

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Mar 27

Make Updating Of Your Blogging Script And Plugins Easy

By Britt Malka | Money Online

If you are hosting your own blogs, and they are created with WordPress or another blogging script, you should make it easy for yourself to update the script, whenever there’s a newer version. Failing to do that can cost you a lot of trouble, because there are often security holes in those popular scripts, and it’s easy for script kiddies to gain access to your server, if you do not keep your blogging script updated. Here’s how to make the process easy:
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