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Jun 14

How To Rinse and Repeat a Success

By Britt Malka | Money Online

rinse and repeatHave you ever read that if you can just figure out (or follow this system – or use one of these money making ideas) to make $1 per day, then you just have to rinse and repeat, and if you make one new site daily, you’ll make $30 per day in a month?

Well, it sounds nice, and it’s possible, of course, but only on one condition – you have to know what to rinse and repeat.

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Jun 13

Choose Your Target Audience Carefully and Address Exactly Those You’ve Chosen

By Britt Malka | Money Online

Stephen King agrees with me on this one. (Or is it me, agreeing with him?) You have to have a target audience, an “ideal reader”. And then stay consequent in your choice.

If you’re selling affiliate products, I’ll even give you a priceless tip about how to find out exactly who your audience is. I got this tip from the Wealthy Affiliate forum, from Travis (Bum marketing).

So let’s jump right into it…

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Jun 12

How To Schedule Blog Posts – Publish, Even When You’re Not There

By Britt Malka | Money Online

I’m not here. Really! It’s Saturday, and I’m relaxing. No business at all. No writing blog posts.

But yet, I managed to get this blog post online a Saturday, and I even Twittet about it both @ another Tweeter, and as a normal Twit.

Am I a super-intelligent omni-potent genious?

Well, maybe, in all modesty, but no, I have to be honest. I just learned how to make some things work automatically.

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Jun 11

Want to Try List Building for Free? Have a Dabble with MailChimp

By Britt Malka | Money Online

Try MailChimp - it is freeIf you don’t have a mailing list yet, but want to build one as cheap as possible, nothing beats “free”. Unfortunately, there could be many disadvantages with something gratis, and it often ends up costing much more than a paid product.

A while ago, I joined a mailing list, and was immediately sent to another page, from which I could import the mailer’s address card directly to my address book.

That impressed me! A totally win-win-situation, since I will be able to receive my mail without having to go to the spam folder first, and he gets a lot more mails out to his target audience.

Now, I must confess that I’m a tiny bit curious of nature (HUSH!) so when I could see the name of the auto-responder service beneith the address card, I could help myself.

I clicked…

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Jun 10

How to Escape Your Day Job & Pay Your Bills Too

By Britt Malka | Money Online

Marlon Sanders and I have at least three things in common:

  • We’ve both quit our day jobs many years ago.
  • Neither of us wears a watch.
  • Back when we started there were no books to read about how to make money online.

He’s a person I admire a lot. Even my husband, who isn’t too interested in the Internet marketing business, has read Marlon’s books – TWICE!

And I have good news for you, now.

Marlon Sanders said it was OK for me to give you the download link for his special report:

How to Escape Your Day Job, Pay Your Bills & Finally Live The Internet Lifestyle

It’s a PDF that’s a quick read, and you can download it right here: Marlon Sanders – How to Escape Your Day Job, Pay Your Bills & Finally Live The Internet Lifestyle

Jun 10

Don’t Be Afraid To Give

By Britt Malka | Money Online

Have you noticed one of the big differences between the guys, who make loads of money online, and those, who still have their day jobs?wownow

Rich guys give a lot of value!

Not only do they over-deliver, when they sell something, but you can see them give away good stuff, even without asking for your credit card, and that is one of the main differences, I think.

Really rich guys write blog posts with lots of great content, you can learn from. Really rich guys write on the valuable forums, too, and they give away their help and knowledge for free.

So how do these generous people make money, when they give away so much for free? Ah, therein lies the real secret, and my guess is that it’s not where you thought it was.

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Jun 09

Creating a Blog? How to Easily Get Your ‘About’, ‘Contact’, and Boring ‘Privacy’ Pages Made

By Britt Malka | Money Online

It’s funny to create new blogs. You’re probably like me – you get an idea, you buy a domain, and you create a new blog on it.bored

Oh, and I love the finding a theme part, or even creating it myself.

But when my first couple of blog posts are written, sight… Now the boooooring part. I hate it.

Every blog has to (gna-gna-gna) have an “About”, a “Contact” (gosh!), a “Disclaimer” (aren’t we done, yet?), a “Disclosure”, and a “Privacy” part… erm, page to satisfy Google and other institutes. (Does anybody even read that stuff?)

Well, if there’s no way around, you could just as well get this job done as fast and easily as possible, right? Here’s how…

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Jun 08

Ye Have Heard That It Was Said “Thou Shalt Use Automatic Systems”, But I Say Unto You: “Maybe… Maybe Not”

By Britt Malka | Money Online

Sorry, couldn’t resist the classical quote in the headline 😉 But this is one of those truths… They all say it (me too): Make things work automatically as much as you can. You’ll then be able to make money, even while you’re asleep, on holidays, or playing golf. And it’s true, of course, but there are pros to doing things manually, and there are times where it’s the solution, you SHOULD choose.

Follow me here, and Auntie Britt will explain everything…

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Jun 07

“The Early Bird Catches the Worm” – but Who the Heck Wants Worms?

By Britt Malka | Money Online

Karen over at “Home Business Roundtable” has written a brilliant blog post about “How to Increase Productivity — Come On Over to the Dark Side“:

To increase productivity, we’re often urged we must get up early. What fantastic advice! If I could do it consistently, I’m sure I’d be an early bird who gets a worm and quit being a ten o’clock scholar. But instead, I’ve decided I’ll embrace my inner night owl. Take my advice: stay up and work like a demon from dusk to dawn.

These days, I’ve found my real self. I’m a night elf.

Hey, wait! Before you phone the men in blue to come and take me away with one of those nice shirts with very long sleeves, hear me out. I’m only a night elf in World of Warcraft, but it’s true. I’ve never been much of an early bird.

When I was 20, and worked in a supermarket, for a short while I was asked to show up at 7 o’clock. I did. But shortly after, I was asked to return to my normal hours. Why?

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Jun 06

The Hidden Reason Why Should You Join a Membership Site – and Why It Matters More Than You Think To Choose the Right One

By Britt Malka | Money Online

When you see ads for a membership site, you’ll see promises of them teaching you to earn xxx dollars per months, or giving you so many rights to pre-written text, or something else. You see a service of a kind. But this is only the surface.

Below the surface is an ocean of REAL advantages, and while you’re reading this blog post, you will find out exactly why you should join a membership site, what you really gain, but what nobody tells you about, and why it matters more than you think to choose the right one.

You should join a membership site for three reasons:

  • To Learn
  • To Get Inspiration
  • To Network

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