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Jun 12

Can Words Change Your Life?

By Britt Malka | Traffic

If I said four words to you, could they change your life?

Maybe, but most likely not. But words certainly are able to change lives. I know, because it was four simple words that changed my life, and I’ve never looked back since.

Do you want to know which words they were?

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May 28

Twitter – What’s Best? Spam or Relationships?

By Britt Malka | Money Online

Twitter is one of the most popular social sites at the moment, and if you don’t already use it, you should consider doing so, because it’s a great tool for making new relationships, and even for making money.

The main purpose of Twitter is very simple. You have 140 characters to tell the world the answer of this simple question: What are you doing right now. This message is called a tweet.

But instead of letting people in on boring details of your life (drinking a glass of water, watching a ball game on TV, etc.) you can use Twitter for teaser headlines, communicate with people and get traffic.

Twitter is free and very easy to use. You can do it directly from your browser, or use desktop programs to make it easier to write a tweet or to read what other people write.

Since Twitter is so popular and easy to use, it is also widely used for Internet Marketing, and here comes the big question: How do you use it for IM? Is there a right way and a wrong way? Or is one way just better than the other?

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Mar 20

5 – Templates

By Britt Malka | Money Online

In Blogger you can choose from different templates, or you can find some on the net to use inside Blogger.

Search for Blogger Themes or Templates in Google.

You should look for simple themes. Simple themes bring in more money.

Never choose a black background behind white text. It’s so hard for the eyes to read, and it’s also a signal of a different type of site, like a Goth site, Hard Rock, World of Warcraft etc. A light background and dark text is better.

Wow, I just found this on a search:

I know what you are thinking – this might not be the most pretty template out there, but we do not care about a pretty site, just a nice site that bring in money. It actually has room for ads in the right places and in the right format and size. I’ll definately use it myself on a blogger blog.

The theme/template should never steal away the interest from the content – the text and the ads.

More about ads later, but one golden rule – make them invisible. They must not stick out from the surroundings. Don’t worry too much about it now, I’ll tell you more in a lesson. Or if you have $10, you really should get the best book there is on the subject, print it out and read it. I did. I went from having earned nothing or almost nothing for 4 months, to earning $3 per day, later moving up, up, up, and now it’s between 35-40 dollars per day. Mostly thanks to this book. And at that time, I actually payed $97 for the book, but only regretted one thing: That I haven’t done so earlier!

You’ll find the book here, if you are interested and can afford it: – it seems it’s for free now, but I’m not sure of which conditions.

Mar 20

4 – Getting into Google

By Britt Malka | Money Online

You can speed up the process of getting into Google a bit, using certain legal tricks. I rarely do myself anylonger, but they might come in handy.

One is to put AdSense on. This is not official, but I’ve remarked very fast indexing just for putting AdSense on a site.

Another is to get incoming links to it, and there are several ways of doing that, which I had already planned for another blogpost.

So here I’ll just write that you should use pinging-sites and social bookmarking such as, Stumble Upon, Digg etc. More details about that later.

Then there’s the obvious – that you actually go to Google and add your blog. Click on All About Google and you can learn more about adding your blog.

Mar 18

2 – Affiliates

By Britt Malka | Money Online

Ouch, deleted this post by mistake.

You can sell other people’s products by linking to them with a special code in the link. When you do that you are selling affiliate products. No stock, no support 🙂

Join affiliate programs for free. For your movies you could join or .com and perhaps later You might also try other sites like Blockbuster (which you mentioned). Look for “affiliate” or “partner” on their sites. If you cannot find it, you can do a site for “affiliate” or whatever site you are trying.

I cannot remember if I wrote something else, but feel free to ask questions in the comments.

Oh, yes, payout … sometimes you’re paid to Paypal each month, sometimes you have to have earned a certain sum before payout.

Mar 17

3 – Photos and copyrights

By Britt Malka | Money Online

You were already aware of the fact that you couldn’t just use any photo, you found on the Internet. Good 🙂

I have a favourite place, where I look for photos:

Just put a checkmark in Commercial, and you are good. Be sure to mention who took the photo and link to their site at Flickr.

There are other pages, you can find free pictures. Look for both Free and Royalty free photos. The latter does not necessarily mean that they are free, but once you’ve bought the photo, it can be used freely.

I almost always find what I’m searching for at CompFight.

Mar 12

Article Marketing – Does It Work? Number One in Google in Less than Two Days

By Britt Malka | Product Creation

Is it worth your time writing articles or paying others to do so for you?

Let me illustrate that with this simple image.

My article “‘Replace Myself’ by John Jonas – Gain More and Get Things Done, While Working Less – Book Review” came online less that two days ago. Today I made a search on Google for “replace myself by john jonas” and look, what I found. My article is number one, the official site is number 4, and I have another article on number 6.

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Mar 12

1 – from idea to action

By Britt Malka | Money Online

Hi Paindealer

My husband is – or rather “were” – working on a blog about movies: – you can take a look, just for inspiration. It’s in French.

There are possibilities with movies. You can write about them and have an affiliate link to Amazon. Affiliate means that you recommend their products, and you get paid a pourcentage for you favour.

You can also put up AdSense – Google ads – but I recommend you wait until you have at least 10 postings on your blog.

Now as for your blog… You can create one for free and with the rights to put ads on at, like we talked about.

It’s easy to put AdSense on there afterwards, since Google now own Blogger. But lets talk about AdSense later.

I propose that you chose the keywords, you want to attack. Keywords are the words, people use to find informations in a search engine. If you can find two-three keywords, you have the name of your blog.

Now, to learn about keywords alone takes a lot of time, so this will only be a brief introduction. A good rule of thumb is: what would you search for, if you were to find the kind of information you’ll write about?

You have this tool here for free:

Put in a main keyword like “movie” and see what comes out. Don’t forget to choose English as language, and all areas for country.

You’ll be able to see how many searches there has been on Google for last month and in average.

Do you see anything with a reasonable number of searches, and which you would like to write about?

Tell me about it in the comments. Only you will be able to see this post.

You could also try kombinations of keywords like “best movie”, and there you’ll have “best cult movie” and other stuff. If you specialise, you have a bigger change of getting read, because you’ll have less competition.

After that you should get a blog at with the keywords in the URL and title, like or whatever you chose, but you can wait with this step, if you don’t feel comfortable about your choice.

Just remember: there is no perfect choice. And it’s not always the choise you think is the best that actually is the best. Even expert Internet Marketers are wrong much of the time. What makes the difference between them and people not having success is that they take action.

That’s the most important thing at all: take action.

Now enought for lesson one. Let me hear in the comments, how you do.

Mar 10

Even DeathKnights Want To Make Money Online

By Britt Malka | Money Online

DeathKnight (DK) from World of Warcraft wants to make money onlineIt is no secret that when I have some spare time in the evenings, I play World of Warcraft, and of course that implies a lot of talking, too. Once in a while I talk about my work, if you can call it that: Making money on the Internet. One of my friends in this game is very interested, but since he’s a student with a special scolarship, he might be forced to wait.

But he told somebody else, a level 80 (which is max level) DeathKnight, and this guy too, is interested.

So tonight I’m going to tell him the basis principles about making money online, and they are:

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