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Aug 10

How do you make money with your one-pager?

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Will people really pay for something that’s (at least theoretically) only one page long?

You’ll be surprised.

There’s more than one way to do it.

  • The indirect.
  • The direct.

The indirect involves building a list with the help of your one-page content.

The direct involves selling it. But where?

Amy Harrop, who has come up with “One Page Publishing Profits”, has some great ideas about that.

Get started here

Aug 09

How to format your one-page content

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Whether you create a tips sheet, a cheat sheet (cheatsheet), or a check list, once it’s done, you have to format it to make it look good.

Not only that… It has to be a format that’s useful to your reader.

How do you do that?

I’ve seen all kinds of ways to do it, from images to HTML files filled with links.

Amy Harrop shares her ideas, which result in professional-looking, awesome one-pagers.

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Aug 08

A world of possibilities with one-pagers

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

At first, I shrugged when I heard about Amy Harrop’s new guide to “One Page Publishing Profits”.

But reading it really opened my eyes.

Did you realize that there are three kinds of one-page content?

  • Cheatsheets
  • Tips sheets
  • Check lists

She tells you all about them and what you can use them for. She tells you what to put in them, how to format them, and how to sell them.

Awesome guide!

Grab it now

Aug 07

Wait for this

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

I bet that by now, you think you know everything about cheatsheets, right?

I thought I did, at least.

And then comes along Amy Harrop with a new guide about how to use three kinds of one-page content.

Not just for the money-online niche.

You’ll be surprised 😀

Wait for my mail about it tomorrow.

Aug 04

Some obscure traffic source?

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

When I heard about this method where John spent $10 (you can spend less) per days for three days and made $331.12 back, spending only 1.5 hours, I thought… Hmm… some obscure traffic source I haven’t heard about?

But no, it wasn’t. The traffic source is established, and you can even use it for free if you like, but on the other hand… When the return on the investment is that high, why wait, when you can get instant traffic?

Pallab Ghosal, who made this guide for a friend (John) at first, has made the course very newbie friendly.

You can use it for affiliate products, but I will definitely test it out with my own products as well. It’s very easy to set up, doesn’t require any technical skills, and it takes almost no time.

See how simple it is here

Aug 03

How to make money online

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

It’s simple to make money online, and it doesn’t take a lot.

Of course, you need the knowledge to do it, but that’s it. No renting locals. Not stocks. And if you do affiliate marketing, you don’t even have to answer support questions.

This is what you need:

  • A good product, made by somebody else.
  • An affiliate link.
  • A PayPal account.
  • Eyeballs on the offer.

When you have that, and your traffic source is instant, you can make money right away.


Click here to check it out

Aug 02


By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Whether you buy today, or you already bought “24 Hour Income System” through my link, I have a bonus for you.

No, actually, let’s just make it 5 😀

Take a look here of what you get:

  1. Rapid Subscribers V7.1 $5k Per Month List Building + 37 Free Traffic Sources (worth $197)
  2. Commissionly (worth $97)
  3. InstaCash Machine and all upgrades (worth $297)
  4. Make bank in one hour… (worth $97) This video course teaches anyone how to quickly go from nothing to banking cash in just an hour..
  5. How to make 4 figures promoting an affiliate product (worth $97) Discover the secrets to making 4 figures and how easy you can do this too..

All you need to do is to send me an email with a copy of your receipt, and I’ll send you download links back.

Here’s what “24 Hour Income System” is about:

It’s a simple, newbie friendly system that allows you to make $100+ per day with instant traffic.

Get all the details now

Aug 01

3 ways to get the boot

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

At first, I was an affiliate. Then I began to create products.

I’ve seen both sides of the business a long time before I came into the “money online” niche.

Now, as a vendor, I see affiliates really screw up, and here’s the top list that will get them the boot right away:

  • Not writing any message at all when they request to promote. (Unless I know them.)
  • Writing, “Dear sir, i really like ur product” or similar, when I can tell right away he hasn’t bought my product.
  • Writing, “I have a huge list” or “I have 200,000 on my list” and a statistic that says less than 10 sales. LIAR!

What should they have done instead?

They should be honest. It’s an honest matter to be new to affiliate marketing. Just tell me so. Don’t lie about your big list, when you have no sales. Let me know that you’re new, and I’ll approve you.

Get my product. Either buy it or ask me for a review copy. Read it. Only promote it if you like it.

And write a message, always. Let the vendor know who you are, and where you are with your business.

Should that get you approved?

With me? Yes, probably. But you can’t be sure, of course. Not all vendors give new affiliates a chance, because it will most likely mess up the conversion. Sorry, but that’s just a fact.

That’s why I was happy to see a different approach in Pallab Ghosal’s new course called “The 24 Hour Income System”. You don’t need to beg vendors for approval to use it, and you don’t even have to wait for it.

You’ll be automatically improved as an affiliate.

Check it out, it’s awesome!

Jul 31

[newbie-friendly] Make money in 24 hours

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

It doesn’t get more instant than this, unless you have a list, experience, skills, and products.

What if you could find an affiliate product, spend an hour or so following the simple guidelines to set up your system, and then starting to cash in?

Well, you can, because Pallab Ghosal has described the process he uses to make more than $100 per day the easy way.

It’s newbie friendly, and you can set it up and start making money today.

You’re going to love this

Jul 30

[$100/day] Instant traffic source

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Imagine making $100+ in the next 24 hours…

Last week, I was on vacation, but I steeled away from my relaxation every lunch break to go through Pallab Ghosal’s new product called the “24 Hour Income System”.

It is highly inspiring and very informative.

It will tell you how you can make a hundred dollars or more per day with affiliate products by sending cheap traffic to it from a trusted source.

It’s instant traffic!

Pallab also show you how you can send traffic for free.

The cool thing is that you don’t need a ton of experience to do this. You can do it, even if you’re a beginner with no list or particular skills.

Not only can you make $100 or more in the next 24 hours, but the potential is much higher.

  • You can repeat this system, set up more of these small money-makers.
  • You can keep it running, and every small money-maker source will send a stream of money to your PayPal account.

How awesome is that?

Do yourself a favor and check it out while the price is low

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