Crazy Cheap Autoresponder

They say that “the money is on the list” – but what if you can’t afford the auto-responder fees?

What if you could have you own auto-responder for pennies… or less?

Hi friend and colleague,

I’m Britt Malka, and I’ve been making money online since 1996.

Okay, I’ll make this criminally short for now, because you’re going to love this, and you don’t have time for long copy, when short can do it.

You need a mailing list – it doesn’t matter if you’re an Amazon affiliate or a marketer – you need a list!

But I know how hard it is to get started, because the auto-responder fees are high! Really high! So much that you’ll need to make at least $20 per month, and I rarely hear about people who can accomplish that from their first month.

This is why I’ve been looking for solutions for years. Solution that can help you get started.

I’ve learned my own lessons dearly over the years.

I started out with my mail client, and went to numerous scripts that didn’t work. I lost thousands of subscribers before I finally – with a bleeding heart – signed up for one of the big auto-responders.

But I get so many mails from subscribers, telling me that they haven’t gotten around to do list building themselves, because of the prices…

Finally, I discovered a way to get an auto-responder – for free or pennies, depending on your needs and what you already have.

So now I invite you to check it out. Click on the friendly buy button beneath, and get your copy of my report.

It will show you how you can finally get started. How you can have an auto-responder up and running within an hour (probably less).

If you have questions, let me know. But for now I’ll leave it up to you.

You can continue like it is, with no list, no auto-responder (and no money?)…

Or you can grab my low-priced report with a huge money-making potential.

The choice is yours. Make a wise decision.

Okay, you say, what about if I hate your book?

Of course you’ll love it 😉 But just in case you’ve followed my instructions, and you didn’t get a low-priced or free auto-responder, then I’ll refund your payment.

Saying that “you knew it all the time” will not work, though. This little report shows you exactly the steps you need to take to get an auto-responder for free or pennies, and how to use it to send out up to 12,000 mails monthly for free.

If something has changed after I wrote this book, and it doesn’t work, then hit me up at my support desk, and I’ll refund your payment within 30 days. Support:

Yes, I’ll find a nice picture for the guarantee later. I promise.

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