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Are you suffering from lack of inspiration?Do you experience writer’s block, when you start out to write articles?

Does it take you forever to write just one article?

Do you want my secret to spitting out high-quality articles in no time, and which
all get approved at the leading article directories?

“Discover How to Write 8 Articles in 2 Hours or Less and How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block at the Same Time”

Dear Fellow Article Marketer

  • How much do you value your time?
  • Do you sometimes feel that you were wasting an unnecessary amount of time on a task like writing articles?
  • Have you ever been tempted to spin articles to be able to submit more articles and then compromise on the quality?
  • Are you procrastinating and putting off tasks like article writing that you expect to take long time?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you’re not alone.

10 to 25 Articles Per Week? You Must be Joking, Right?

Hi, this is Britt Malka.

Britt MalkaTwo years ago, I joined a course in affiliate marketing – a challenge – and one of our tasks was to write 10-25 articles per week.

My fellow students were whining and complaining about this. It took them hours just to write one article, so the thought of coming up with 10 articles almost drove them to tears.

25 articles in one week? Impossible!

So what is the problem? Why do so many marketers hate writing articles?
Why do they spend hours bend over their computer, sweating over one

How do YOU feel about writing articles? Is it a task you’re looking
forward to? Or do you dread it and think that it’s something you have
to do, but it takes you much too long?

If the latter is the case, you probably don’t have a system that makes it possible for you to spit out unique articles faster than your fellow marketers can spin up complete nonsense.

But don’t despair: You’re on the right track, now.

Ready? Writing against the Timer…

When I was doing the affiliate marketing challenge mentioned above, and I heard how my fellow marketers were grumbling about the work load, I didn’t really understand.

I knew that it didn’t take me several hours to write an article, like they said, but how long did it take me?

how to write 8 articles in 2 hours or lessTo find out, I used a timer. I sat down in front of my computer with notepad open on a new, blank page. Then I started the timer.

Two hours later, I had 8 articles written and proofread.

My fellow marketers in the affiliate challenge went crazy, when they
heard about that, and they all wanted to learn my system.

First – a Real Challenge

But before I shared my system with others, I needed to prove that the articles weren’t utter garbage.

You probably know that the leading article directories don’t approve spun articles. But what about fast written articles like mine? Would they approve articles that have been written using my system?

The answer is “Yes!”

All my articles were approved… and the fact that today I hold a Diamond Level author status at Ezine Articles, shines as a further proof of my claim.

Okay, you might be thinking. That was a one-time achievement. But I need to write hundreds of articles.

Will it still work?

Yes, it will, and you don’t have to take my word for it. I can prove it.

24 Accepted Articles Written in One Day

At the end of 2010, I participated in a Hundred Articles in Hundred Days challenge (#HAHD) at Ezine Articles, and I’d been lazy.

The end of the challenge was closing in on me, and I had to write 10 articles per day to make it.

Still doable, but then it happened…

  • First, I got a serious headache! Only one article written that day.
  • Next, I had a migraine and had to stay in bed all day. Zero articles written that day.
  • The last day of the challenge, I had 24 articles to write and submit – or give up and lose!

What would you have done if you were in my shoes?

I hate giving up, so I used my system, and almost six hours later I had the articles!

And they were all 24 approved.

How About the Post Pinguin and Panda Period?

Yeah, you’re right. Google has come up with their Pinguin-update, and their Panda-update since. Does this system still work?

Ezine Articles lost a lot of visits and money after the Pinguin-update, so they got even tougher in their editorial line.

People were moaning because they had articles rejected like never before.

Not me. But to make sure, I even asked them if my system was still okay with them, and they said “yes”.

Don’t even think about using
spun articles there
, though, or
PLR articles.
They reject
those articles, and they might even kick you out for trying.

Of course, you could also pay a ghostwriter to write your articles for
you, but:

1: It costs money.

2: The quality is often very doubtful, especially if you don’t want to
pay at least $10-25 for an article.

3: If you pay less, you will have to spend more time on editing the
article – generally a lot more time than it would have taken you to write
the article yourself.

Okay, okay, tell me more about this “8 articles in 2 hours or less” system…

8 articles in 2 hours or less

Well, I came up with this
blueprint to help my fellow marketers in the affiliate challenge. Since
then, numerous other people have improved their writing speed without
compromising on the quality.

You probably know the expression “money loves speed”, right?

It’s a strange fact that you read better and write better, when you do it fast – that is – if you know the right way to do it.

In “How to Write 8 Articles in 2 Hours or Less…” I share my proven system with you of how to write faster and better articles.

Here’s what you get with my blueprint:

  • A system to come up with article
    ideas for several articles at a time
    . No more sitting there and
    staring at a blank screen, lacking ideas or inspiration.
  • A system to write 8 articles in 2
    hours or less
    (you can stop after one article, if you like, and
    continue later, of course, or go for 8 or 24… Your choice!)
  • A simple way to get over any blockage you might experience, when you
    are faced with a blank screen and the need to get up with some articles.
  • A way to avoid having to pay for ghostwritten articles, and to come
    up with new, unique articles faster
    than you can rewrite PLR

If you feel that AIMING FOR PERFECTION is standing in your way of coming up with all the articles you want… then this is the product for you.

If your mind freezes and locks up, every time you think about writing
an article or two, then this system is for you.

If you want to write a lot of articles to send traffic to your site or
blog, then this product is for you.

See here, what people are saying about “8 Articles in 2 Hours or Less…”:

Thank you very much for this help, the guide
does as it is intended to do, it clears a foggy mind. After sitting
there with some general ideas and not knowing how to translate them
into some kind of readable article I became despondent. The guide
breaks the process into bite size pieces and makes it a much more
achievable task. It just gives a technique for taking a more logical
and structured approach, I guess the proof will be in the article
writing so we shall see :))
I think that this would be a useful tool for
anyone wanting to get started with article writing and not really
knowing where to begin. Great work!!

— Alistair Nicol

(That guy was a newbie, by the way. He had never written an article
before in his life.)

Your 8 articles in 2 hours or less is really
helping me.. Thanks soo much
— Mary Nolan


This is an excellent guide,infact i am
seeing an nice guide after very long time in DP.
After reading this guide your article writing speed will definitely
increase OP explains on how to write 8 completely different articles form same
topic with less than 2 hours This is best guide you can buy if want to learn the art of writing articles in less time

Even Pro’s can get some valuable information from this.

— Knaveen192 – Digital Point Forum

And a word from an experienced article marketer himself:

This is a good, basic guide to writing
articles very quickly. Britt gives several examples of how it’s done,
and her explanations are very straightforward and easy to follow.
There’s nothing here to scare off newbies, and even if you have some
experience, you’ll probably pick up a couple new ideas.
— John Schwartz (Zeus66 – Warrior Forum)

If you’re still reluctant, go ahead and try the system yourself, risk

The price is only $9.95, which is less than you need to pay for a
ghostwriter to write one or two articles for you (and you would have to
repeat the payment for every new ghostwritten article).

Guarantee:Guarantee100% money-back guarantee, with no questions asked, and for 45 days.

Are you having doubts about whether this will work for you?

I’m confident that it will. But should you feel that you still cannot
come up with articles, and that you haven’t improved your writing
speed, feel free to contact me through our support site, and I shall
refund your payment.

So go ahead and click on the PayPal button below. It’s safe, and you
will get access to your eBook almost instantly.

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In less than two hours, you can be watching eight high-quality articles, freshly written on your hard drive, or you can leave this page and continue your struggle against the white screen.

The choice is yours, but you will not regret having picked up this book.

To your success,

Britt Malka (Diamond Level Author at EzineArticles)

Britt Malka, EzineArticles.com Diamond Author

P.S. “How to Write 8 Articles in 2 Hours or Less” not only teaches you
how to save time writing articles.

You’ll also learn how to get article ideas every time you need them,
and how to write fluently and non-stop.

You’ll love being able to enter “The Zone”, whenever you need to send
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