Imagine diving from an airplane…

The wind drags your cheeks back in a cruel grimace as the Earth approaches with a scary speed.

Then swosh… Your parachute unfolds and it’s as if you’re born anew, carried softly by winged angels towards soft green grass beneath you.

You land, and after the adrenalin stops rushing through your veins, making strong coffee look like water in comparison, you think to yourself:

"I’ve done it! Now I know how to do it and I can repeat this loop forever."

Before you rush out to find a Cessna

What does this have to do with making money online?

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Today, I spent a few minutes on Facebook, and I actually found an interesting thread in one of my favorite groups.

It was about selling books – lots of books.

While it used to be enough to do free promotions, most of the people in that group agreed that today you had to do a little more.

Others were struggling with Facebook ads – some had found a way to sell books that way while others hadn’t.

And one of the members revealed how she’d sold lots of copies with a combination of three things.

Had I not just read this book, I wouldn’t have understood what she meant, though.

But those two pieces of information in combination told me that I should let you know about this, too.

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One of the best books, and a must-read, when it comes to learning how to write copy, is Influence
by Robert B. Cialdini.

Influence (Collins Business Essentials)

You can check it out and order it from Amazon. It’s a great read, and you’ll learn so much about the psychology behind the decisions people take.

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