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[important] I thought of you today

By Britt Malka / July 16, 2014

Yesterday, I bought a product called "Psychological E-mail Writing Formula" because it’s an area I love to discover more about. I know that chances are you don’t have a list, so I decided not to tell you about this product, but… While I was watching the bonus video, I thought of you. ==>


Rockets over Haifa

By Britt Malka / July 11, 2014

This morning, 3:24 am, I woke up to the sound of a siren. Nah, it couldn’t be… I woke up my husband (who claims he was awake, but I he wasn’t) because even though rockets have been raining down over Israel more than normally recently, then here? At Haifa? We both listened. There could be […]


[Affiliate Marketing] – Crickets

By Britt Malka / June 23, 2014

Crickets… You remember yesterday where I asked you about your favorite series? You know what replies I got? None! Not one! This can mean three things: You don’t have a favorite series. You were watching socker – worldcup whatever. You don’t want to answer me. Anyway, I try not to take it personally. (sob)

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