I love to get questions from readers – especially if I can answer them :D

This reader even praised my free e-book “Zero to Thousand” and said it had been inspiring him. Awesome!

Then he asked:

Please i would like to ask a favour of you. I searched for the meaning of “article marketing” yesterday and now have a background knowledge of it. Could you teach me how it works and how I can make money out of it.

Article marketing is actually one of those things I’ve loved doing, so it was a great pleasure to answer that question. Here’s my answer and my 5-Step Plan to article marketing money:

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John Schwartz

Haha, yes, he did, and I wish I wrote this letter myself, so immediately after reading it, I contacted John to get his approval of posting the letter on my blog.

But I’ll let you read John’s controversial email yourself. I’m not afraid to admit that I agree with him. I’m lazy. I do take action, but I’m still lazy.

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Affiliate marketing tips quality product

If you want to make money by referring ClickBank products to others, there are more than one reason why refunds are a very bad thing, and I bet you would love some affiliate marketing tips that shows you how to avoid them.

Somebody at the WarriorForum asked what the average refund rate was for ClickBank products, and said that he’d heard 10% mentioned.

My personal experience has been that I’d seen four refunds of the products I’ve recommended, and I have resold hundreds of them.

Out of these four, two were from Danes who’d bought the product, publicly described how happy they were with it, and asked for a refund a month later.

The last two were people, who by mistake bought the same product twice.

How could I be so lucky?

Well, in fact, it has very little to do with luck. And I’ll show you that in a moment.

First I would like to tell you that this is not an “all you need to know about how to pick a ClickBank product”. The purpose of this blog post is to avoid refunds.

Here is my secret formula (which is not a real secret, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?):
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article marketingIf you want to understand how to be successful online, study those who are already successful, and gain an understanding of “what they do” and “why they do what they do…” Then mirror their actions…

I have been very successful using Article Marketing to promote my online businesses, since early 2000…

I have written and distributed many articles that went on to generate sales in the five figures… But for the sake of the FTC disclaimer, “Very few people will make this kind of money with Article Marketing…

If you understand the “how and why” of writing great articles, perhaps you can generate more sales from your articles than I have from mine… But if you miss the point of this article, you are likely to never make any money at all with article marketing…

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If you’re writing articles or eBooks, you probably want your readers to follow through till the end. One of the tricks is to write short, easily read sentences.

However sometimes you need to convey a lot of facts, and if it’s all connected, you might be tempted to put it all in one sentence. And hope that it’ll still be short enough to be a nice read.

There is a test, you can do. It’s foolproof and easy to perform.

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As you all know, there are certain rules to understand and to obey to on Ezine Articles. This is quite understandable. However, as a beginner, and even as a habitual writer, you might get your article in problem status, even though you follow the editorial guidelines.

That’s because there are some unwritten rules, too, and you have to obey to those as well. Here are some of those I’ve heard about, or have experience myself:

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Speed is money. If one article can make you, say a $5 income, then it makes a huge difference whether you write 1 article per hour or 5. So how can you write your articles faster?

In many ways, in fact.

  1. Know your topic. If you know the stuff you write about, you don’t have to spend time on research.
  2. Know how to do research fast. In case, you don’t know your topic, or need some extra information, knowing how to obtain this makes a huge difference.
  3. Type fast.

Yes, typing speed matters! If you write 40 words per minute, a 400 word article cannot be written in less than 10 minutes, even if you write without interruption. It’s technically impossible. And 40 words per minute isn’t bad at all. 80 is better, though. That means that you can spit out articles in 5 minutes, if you don’t have to do any research at all. That means 20 articles per hour.

Right! I need to boast about this. I have to get it out of my system, and onto my blog. Here it comes:

80 words

Typing Test — Read on, when you’ve done the test.

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John Schwartz Zeus66 Article ImpactReview: Can this help you to earn money writing articles? A while ago, I bought John Schwarz’s (AKA Zeus66) course on article writing. It’s now named Article Impact, and I really liked it, and it immediately became one of my favourite article writing products.

Now, you’re warned :) I like it! But I’ll tell you what you get, and what I think is unique about John’s product. And then I’ll let you decide whether or not you think it’s worth your money and time.

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The importance of article marketing is talked about all the time. But is it really so important?

article marketingShort answer? Yes, it is.

Article marketing creates both backlinks and traffic, and whether you run a blog or sell a product, you should utilize articles to make more money.

The problem, however, is that it takes time to create articles. For some people, even hours to write a single one.

In the following blog posts, I will review three products that claim to make you able to write more articles in less time.

The first is Jason Fladlien’s “How to Write an Article in 7 Minutes

The second is a new book called “Article Dominance” by Mark Thompson. It aims to teach you how to write an article in 8 minutes.

And finally, my own book “How To Write 8 Articles in 2 Hours or less…

It’s a fact that you can make money with article marketing in so many ways. And the other night, I talked with a friend about this intriguing subject, when I introduced the concept “pen names”. The conversation went like this:

Me: “If you write articles about several different topics, you should use a pen name for each topic. Readers cannot understand that somebody could be able to write about different topics like ‘the law of attraction’, ‘making money online’, ‘world of warcraft’, etc.”

Friend: “Why not? Does that mean that they put you in a little box?” (he used a better expression that I’ve forgotten.)

Me: “Yes, sort of. They don’t believe you can have knowledge about several different subjects.”

Friend: “But how do people, who read my articles about topic 1, get to read my articles about topic 2, if they are not written under the same name?”

I began my explanation, but it was late, and I promised to finish this talk in a blog post. As you continue to read this blog post, you’ll learn, why it might be a good idea for you to use a pen name.

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