This is totally off topic, and the explanation for this mail is that I heard about it from a friend who’s in the health business, and I simply loved this package.

First of all, I had no idea Tai Chi was so popular. But there are more than 300,000 monthly searches for that and related keywords.

Second, I heard about Tai Chi many years ago, because a friend was doing it. And I was fascinated by Worf whose Klingon fighting style is inspired by Tai Chi.

Did you know that it helps against stress, type 2 diabetes and much more?

I didn’t – until I got this package.

Before I downloaded it, I spoke with its creator, JR Lang. She seems like a very nice lady.

There’s a black cat on her picture, so we talked a bit about cats. Her cat Siss was a stray cat who got sick in JR’s backyard, so she saved her.

We also talked about the package 😀

Tai Chi PLR package

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Do you remember when a video player was as big as three shoeboxes, and you could only play video tapes with it, not record?

Today, you can both record and play videos with your phone.

Technology has brought us far.

Still, it impresses me when I see something new, like this site, called SociVids:

>> Take a look at this amazing tool that does the impossible <<

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I love to get questions from readers – especially if I can answer them 😀

This reader even praised my free e-book “Zero to Thousand” and said it had been inspiring him. Awesome!

Then he asked:

Please i would like to ask a favour of you. I searched for the meaning of “article marketing” yesterday and now have a background knowledge of it. Could you teach me how it works and how I can make money out of it.

Article marketing is actually one of those things I’ve loved doing, so it was a great pleasure to answer that question. Here’s my answer and my 5-Step Plan to article marketing money:

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listenSeveral articles that I’ve read lately made me think about what type of information we choose to listen to, or read. Very often it might be the wrong type because, basically, we listen to what we want to hear, and therefore think that this is the better choice.

However, there’s a huge difference between that and what we need to hear.

Let me illustrate this point with an offline example. I promise I’ll tell you directly afterwards how this relates to you – and also how you can learn from this particular example.

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Britt Malka, Diamond Author Each time, I’ve written an article, the first thing I do afterwards, is to hit F2. This magic button will copy the text into WhiteSmoke, where I can check it for spelling, grammar, and style.

This is always my first check. Only after that will I send the article to my proofreader, or – if I’m in a hurry – submit it directly to an article directory.

As a non-native English speaker or writer, the WhiteSmoke step gives me a certainty about having done my best. I don’t want to do sloppy work, but I wouldn’t trust my word processor alone to check spelling and grammar. And style? That helps me improve my language.

Right after WhiteSmoke has made the first check of my text, I get an view over the number of errors it has found, and which kind they are. It also gives me a “grade”, for instance “8 out of 10 Good”. I’ve gone as far as “9 out of 10 Very Good”, but I still strive to reach 10 🙂

When I know where my errors are, it’s time to correct them, which I do like this:

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John Schwartz Zeus66 Article ImpactReview: Can this help you to earn money writing articles? A while ago, I bought John Schwarz’s (AKA Zeus66) course on article writing. It’s now named Article Impact, and I really liked it, and it immediately became one of my favourite article writing products.

Now, you’re warned 🙂 I like it! But I’ll tell you what you get, and what I think is unique about John’s product. And then I’ll let you decide whether or not you think it’s worth your money and time.

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If you came here from my article on Ezine Articles, you know that to write articles for money is no more than following this formula:

Write article → Submit article → Get views → Get click throughs → Make money

Only trouble is that every link in this chain must work, or you’ll never get the result you want.

The product “Slap EzineArticles Version 2” by Rob Howard tells you exactly how to write an article, to get accepted in EzineArticles, to get more views, to get more click throughs, and to make money.

Let me tell you exactly what you get, what the good, the bad, and the ugly is about this product, and my honest opinion about it.

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This is the second of a series of reviews of article marketing products that will teach you to write articles faster and more effective. This review is about a 48 paged ebook called “Article Dominance“, written by Mark Thompson.

Article Dominance is — as its title implies — not only about how to write an article in 8 minutes, but also about how to make money with your articles. And there are good things to be said about the book, and some bad things as well.

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In this first review of article marketing products teaching you how to do article writing faster and better, I will take you through Jason Fladlien’s report called “How to Write an Article in 7 Minutes“.

Like all other reports by Jason Fladlien, this one is an easy read. It has been updated several times, and lately Jason has added video to the package.

Does it really work? This is probably one of the questions, you’re asking. And yes, “it” does work. Your articles will not be writing themselves; you still have work to do, but this book with its examples and templates makes it very simple to write an article, and you should be able to do it in eight minutes as claimed.

Disclaimer: If you’re typing at a snail’s pace, or thinking extremely slowly, you will not be able to write an article in 8 minutes, but you’ll probably still learn to do it faster than you used to.

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Are you buying info products?

Doh! Of course you do, if you’re interested in money making ideas. And you probably buy loads of it.

That’s good and bad.

Good, because in our business, we have to keep learning and educating ourselves. But bad for the following reasons. Maybe you’re making this mistake, too.

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