This is totally off topic, and the explanation for this mail is that I heard about it from a friend who’s in the health business, and I simply loved this package.

First of all, I had no idea Tai Chi was so popular. But there are more than 300,000 monthly searches for that and related keywords.

Second, I heard about Tai Chi many years ago, because a friend was doing it. And I was fascinated by Worf whose Klingon fighting style is inspired by Tai Chi.

Did you know that it helps against stress, type 2 diabetes and much more?

I didn’t – until I got this package.

Before I downloaded it, I spoke with its creator, JR Lang. She seems like a very nice lady.

There’s a black cat on her picture, so we talked a bit about cats. Her cat Siss was a stray cat who got sick in JR’s backyard, so she saved her.

We also talked about the package ๐Ÿ˜€

Tai Chi PLR package

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I discovered something amazing, while I was setting up my new AuthorTheme, and I’ll tell you more about that another day.

Right now I want to address some questions I got from subscribers. Good questions ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve answered them all directly, but I found that you might be asking yourself some of the same questions.

Q: Can I use the theme on more than one blog?

Yes, you can use it on an unlimited number of blogs. Which brings me to the next question.

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Did you read my mail yesterday?

Everybody stresses that you have to have an author-blog, and yesterday I decided to build mine. I already had the domain. I just needed to get all the old content out and get some new in.

And get a good author theme.

I searched for seven hours and found a good on for $67 (with bad service, so no thanks), several almost as good for $80, and then right before I was ready to give up and do the hard work myself, I found a theme that looked promising.

I wanted:

  • A slider at the top, showing my books with links to Amazon.
  • A theme that’s easy to set up.
  • A theme I could use for blog posts, too.
  • A theme that could have an opt-in form to list building, too.
  • A theme that didn’t cost a fortune.

This is what I found:


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Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s evening here now, and except for the lights from the city, it’s dark outside. So I was sitting here and thinking about a really cool thing I saw a while ago on a blog. It’s one of those small issues that can make a huge difference.

Have you ever read a blog post, and then read something you felt like sharing with others? Maybe not the whole blog post, but this sentence here that was funny, or bright, or resonated with you somehow?

I know that I have.

The only solution was to select that part and copy it and share it myself either on Facebook or Twitter. But very often I didn’t bother and then left the blog without sharing.

Did you know that you can make it easy for your readers to share quotes you find worthy of it yourself?

Well, that’s possible. And easy. And I’ll show you how.

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Sendy auto-responder and money making onlineHi there ๐Ÿ™‚ Are you considering Sendy as your auto-responder? Are you in the money-making online business?

Then you have to know thisโ€ฆ It will save you time and trouble.

And to tell you the truth, I was THAT close to giving up email marketing totally. I’ll tell you why. And I’ll also share with you the solution I found.

First some background story.

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money making ideas

Hi there, fellow blogger ๐Ÿ™‚ How do you find illustrations to your blog posts?

I was a subscriber to Depositphotos for a while, but I rarely used the five daily pictures, so I took a break. Those pictures were of a very high quality, and I could almost always find what I wanted. But it was still $60 per months…

And then there are free pictures. You can go to Flickr and find pictures, but make sure you’re allowed to use them, and you will also have to link to the person who took the picture. I’ve done that in the past, but honestlyโ€ฆ the quality is not that good. You don’t see stockphotos among them.

So what’s left for you to do, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on pictures to illustrate your blog, or to share on Facebook and Pinterest?

Tina Golden, who officially calls herself a tightwad, has a solution. She’s found ten free sources where you can create unique pictures online. In fact, that’s not the only free things Tina has found. Let me share her story with you.

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Most Internet marketers use WordPress. A few use Blogger. And even fewer go for Typepad. I don’t know about Typepad, but as far as I know you cannot turn a Blogger blog (even on your own domain) into an e-commerce site. You can use WordPress for that with a plugin.

But there are alternatives, which are free. I was asked to write about SEOTOASTER, which is an Open source CMS (Content Management System) script that can be used for e-commerce as well. So if you plan on making an online store, why not give this script a try?

Here are some further information about SEOTOASTER.

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A few years ago, you could be certain that a visitor on your homepage would read it on his computer – or print it out. But you could be almost certain that your content would be consumed on a big screen.

That is not longer true. Your blog could be read on a huge screen, a “normal” screen, a tiny screen, or a small screen. People are no longer sitting still in front of their computer, when they consume information. They are in the train or somewhere out on the streets, using their smart phone or iPad.

This means that normal formatting of your blog is no longer enough. You have to take mobile screens into consideration.

The question is: How do you do that? Are we back in the old days where we had to calculate and code in CSS, HTML and even JavaScript to make our homepages visible, whether the visitor had a 800×600 screen or a modern 1024×768?

No, we’re not. Not if you’re using WordPress, that is. And the best thing is that only mobile visitors will know the difference. Here’s what you can do, using my Five-step system.

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When I sat down to write this blog post, I thought about the introduction. I thought about how we NEED good pictures for our blog posts, or for Pinterest, or Instagram, or for book covers, or for a thousand other things, because for some reason, pictures turn us on.

It’s a well known fact that except for the headline of a newspaper article, the text below the pictures are the most read text in a newspaper.

Then – for some reason – all of a sudden I remembered Steve Pavlina’s blog. It has huge success, but as I remembered it, it was plain text. No images. So I headed over to his blog and what was the first thing that met my eye?

A picture on top of his latest blog post. LOL.

So I guess we can all agree to the fact that we need pictures. Period.

The question is where to get the pictures from.

As you can see, I link to a couple of places in the sidebar of my blog. One of those places are Depositphotos, and today I’m going to write a review of their service, so you can get an idea about if it’s worth trying or not.

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how to make your own url shortener in three simple steps

By using your own URL shortener (instead of or tinyurl) you will look much more professional. But unless you know hard core PHP programming, you probably haven’t even considered making your own link shortener. Thanks to this report, you can now obtain your own URL shortener in 3 simple steps.

Are you wondering how you can make a URL shortener yourself? Maybe even looking for a script to set up your URL shortener?

Many years ago, right after the first URL shorteners appeared, I created my own URL shortener. People could personalize the urls themselves. That was a feature nobody else offered for free back then, and only one or two offered for a steep monthly fee.

I spend months programming the site, but I never got around to making statistics available, nor giving people a way to change their links afterwards.

After a few years, I let the domain go, but I missed having my own personal URL shortener instead of using or any of the other shorteners available.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I heard about a script, free, to set up a URL shortener on my own domain. It was a URL shortener open source PHP script, but it wasn’t that hard to install. It’s called YOURLS, in case you’re wondering. But before you rush off to get it, read on to see what you risk.

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