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Article Marketing – Wave Goodbye to Search Engine Anxiety

By Britt Malka / July 24, 2011

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” — Mark Twain It seems nearly every internet marketing-related forum shows threads relating to the death of article marketing. And “Yes”, Google’s latest update called ‘Panda’ resulted in much lower traffic to many article directories, so it may seem that article marketing has received a tough blow. […]


Writing Articles Or eBooks? How To Know When A Sentence Is Too Long

By Britt Malka / February 28, 2011

However sometimes you need to convey a lot of facts, and if it’s all connected, you might be tempted to put it all in one sentence. … Without taking in a gulp of air, and just with the amount of air you ordinarily have in your lungs, read the sentence aloud at a normal conversational speed and volume.


Purchase the Right Info Products

By Britt Malka / July 23, 2010

Don’t think: I can resell this and get my money back, when you are choosing what to buy. … I need traffic to that mini-site, so I went ahead and got a second product, telling me more about how to get traffic from Google.


Writing an Ebook in 48 Hours – Is that Possible?

By Britt Malka / July 2, 2010

Jason Fladlien explains very well how this should be utilized, when you’re writing a report or e-book, and it makes the whole outlining problem a question of filling in the blanks. I don’t always stick to that structure, I must confess, but knowing about it, and having read the ebook (and will do again), and seen the videos that came with the product truly makes it a lot easier to crank out ebooks in a very short amount of time.


Get Money Making Ideas Directly from John Chow for Free

By Britt Malka / June 16, 2010

To the left of this text, you see John Chow, who has a personal blog that went from 0 to $40,000 in a little more than two years.

…You get a free eBook detailing how John makes over $40K a month from blogging and you get a chance to win an Apple iPad as well.


Get this $47 E-book, Learn Medicin, and Start Operating Tomorrow

By Britt Malka / June 1, 2010

He worked very hard to achieve this success, but now that he has done it once, he knows how to do it twice.… Take what is taught to you at WA, apply it, find out what works and what doesn’t for you, build upon that, find success, refine that success, and continue building upon it.


Don’t Know What to Write Articles About? Here’s Help

By Britt Malka / March 10, 2010

If you want a more detailed review, take a look at this articles that I had published on Ezine Articles: Instant Article Creation Templates 2.0 – a Product Review – How to Write Articles Faster and Better By Britt Malka Nothing beats article marketing when it comes to promoting a product, a blog or a website. … Even though I cannot reveal the content of the article template package, I can give you my free report about “How to write blog posts in 5 minutes or less”: Thank you for taking your time reading this.


That Does it! I’m Going to Write my Novel in a Month

By Britt Malka / February 23, 2010

I’m all for the concept of taking inspired action, and today I read about a product that promises to teach me to write my novel in a month . … I only need to spend 40 minutes a day, writing, and they have a strong guarantee: If I haven’t written and published my novel in 30 days, I can get my money back.

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