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May 05

Let me help you create a product – I’ll even promote it to my list!

By Britt Malka | Product Creation

Eric Louviere charges $1500 for this.

Sean Mize takes $500.

And you still have to do all the work – without guidance.


Less than half, AND I guide you the whole way.

Hold your hand and show you day-by-day how to spend 30 minutes, and end up with a product.

You know why?

Because I care.

Sure, I could take $500 and ask you to let me know when your sales page and product is ready, and then I could mail.

That would be a great offer.

Like selling you a fish (but let you fry it yourself).

It would be worth it. My latest WarriorPlus offers has sold more than Sean Mize’s.

But I prefer to teach you how to fish.

And to give you a new and better habit.

Then, when you’re done, after 24 days, I’ll mail about your product if it’s a fit for my list.

Do yourself a great favor.

Start here today ==>

PS The price will go up to $299 tomorrow at 11 AM EST as mentioned earlier, so make sure you get in now.

Dec 15

This isn’t for everybody, but oh boy, if it’s for you…

By Britt Malka | Product Creation

I’ll let you in on a secret…

It’s taken me a while to figure it out, but I’ll share it with you here. Now. And for free.

“To get things done you have to do things.”

A guru might have charged you thousands of dollars for that piece of insight. But that’s not how I am.

You get it for free…which might be a big mistake, because you might think that it means that the tip is worthless.

It’s not.

It’s one of the most valuable tips you can get. Think about it for a second.

Do you do things?

Yesterday, I wrote about something that had come as a revelation to me. I thought I was treating my business like a business. I wasn’t.

I didn’t do things.

Oh, yes, sure, I did lots of things, but except for a few exceptions, I didn’t do things consequently and with persistence.

One of the things that made me realize this HUGE and money-sucking mistake was a sneak peek inside…


Wait! Don’t go there yet. Read this first.

The concept is brilliant. The product is set up as a dashboard. Six icons per week. One icon per day.

You can work faster, of course, but the important thing is getting in the habit of doing one small thing daily.

Allow one drop of water to hit the stone and one day you’ll have a hole in the stone.

You should attack your business the same way. By doing things, daily.

Okay, in a moment I’ll let you visit this site, but first I’ll tell you that it’s not for everyone.

But oh boy, if it’s for you… Then you’re in luck.

Marlon Sanders’ latest product is called “Big Ticket Dashboard” and (you guessed it) it shows you – based on successful marketers’ experience – how to create and sell big ticket products. Mainly coaching.

But aie… “I know nothing.” Right? This is what Marlon has to say about that:

“A lot of people underestimate their value and ability. Sometimes the most valuable things you have to offer are those that come second nature to you. And because it comes easy to you, you assume it doesn’t have value to others.”

Right now I’ve gone through week one and two and I’ve learned a ton of things. It’s a course you would typically have to pay hundreds of dollars for, which it would be worth, but here are a quote more to think about:

“It’s not what you spend, it’s what you get BACK!!”

How much do you think you could get back…even if you only had one big ticket sale?

>>> You get access here <<<

Jul 27

Group for writers

By Britt Malka | Product Creation

You know what can make the difference between success and failure?


When I quit my day-job in 1995 my counselor told me to network and get connections. That is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten.

I could write a long story about this, but it will be for another day.

Here is your chance to build connections in the world of writers.

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May 22

A Product in a Day – two products in one for you

By Britt Malka | Product Creation

Three days ago, I talked about how it has many huge advantages to create a product.

The following day I asked you if you could come up with disadvantages.

And you might have been one of the three persons to send me their suggestions, and I must say they were good.

No pseudo-objections here.

These were real disadvantages…


I’ve been creating products since 1995, so I know how to handle those.

So right now I’m creating a full course about that – and I’ll address one disadvantage per day for around 15 days. More if needed.

These are unique emails you won’t be able to read elsewhere. They are based on my experience from creating products – first for publishing houses, later for myself.

Learning how remove these disadvantages could mean the difference between failure and success when it comes to making money with your own products.

I think that everybody should learn to make their own products.

Affiliates as well as product creators.

It will give you a huge advantage 🙂

So here’s the deal:

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May 19

Friday, I almost died

By Britt Malka | Product Creation

Yeah, no kidding! That Friday a couple of months ago was a tough day for me.

First, I was having breakfast, eating my toast with cheese.

Some people swallow their food whole. I don’t. I chew it carefully. But something went wrong and I could feel this tiny crumble go into my windpipe.

I coughed, and coughed some more, and the more I coughed, the more my throat swelled up and it became harder and harder to breathe.

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Sep 08

[Coupon code inside] Behind-the-scenes: Copy the method that made them $424,954 in 2 weeks

By Britt Malka | Product Creation

When I wrote to you this morning about a product I thought looked very interesting, I hadn’t yet watched any of the videos.

All I knew was that my Skype friend Ankur Shukla and his team made around 15,000 sales in two weeks of their great product BackupBeast.

I also knew that a short while ago, Ankur Shukla was just a marketer like anybody else… He’d done a WSO that sold a few copies, but his next one tanked.

He sold none at all.

To me, that’s kind of inspiring. Gives hope that if he can do it, then anybody can.


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Sep 08

[Making Money] THIS scares me (read this ASAP)

By Britt Malka | Product Creation

I’m not easily scared, but I must confess that THIS terrifies me.

You’ve probably heard about these huge launches where the big boys (more often boys than girls, in fact) make hundreds of thousands of dollars during one launch.

I am in Skype groups with a few who have done that.

I am Skype friends with others who have done that.

And when I hear about I think:

  • Scary! What if I made all those money and PayPal closed my account?

Yeah, I admit, it’s stupid.

And I have things to learn, that’s for sure.

One of the guys who made half a million during one launch says that you need to have high-ticket products to do that.

And yet, I’m Skype friend with a guy who did it with a $10 product.

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Oct 11

Write About What You Know

By Britt Malka | Product Creation

Have ever been sitting in front of your screen, and just stared on it without knowing what to write? No? Then move on. Nothing of interest here for you.

If you’re still here, I assume that you’ve experienced that situation. And yesterday I watched a short clip that inspired me to write about what to do in those cases, and how to write better and more fluently.

This is the clip – watch it, and then read on.

The take away is: Write about what you know.

And Ricky Gervais makes it sound so easy. He got the best grade just by writing about a boring experience. Can you really do that?

Well, I know that one of the best teachers I’ve ever had was a biology teacher in college. All the girls were in love with him. He wasn’t exactly Brad Pitt to look at, but he was cute. And he had this gift… He could talk about ANYTHING and make it interesting.

I remember the first time I made that observation. He’d told us that next time he would explain how a microscope worked. I knew how it worked, so I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this class. And yet… I just sat there, hypnotized, and listened to every word he said.

He spoke about things he knew. Even boring things. And he made them interesting.

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