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Jun 25

Ask your subconscious for ideas to make money online [SV #1]

By Britt Malka | Affiliate Marketing , Money Online

In Denmark, there was a very popular movie series called "Olsen Banden" (The Olsen Gang?)

The Olsen Gang consisted of three criminal guys. The brain behind their crimes were Egon Olsen.

The two other members were Egon (big admirer of Egon) and Kjeld (a fat, scared guy, scared of everything, especially his wife).

Each movie followed the same theme:

Egon would come out of jail with a new plan for the perfect coup.

The gang would need start-up money, and Egon had a plan. This first plan always succeeded, and they got their money.

Then the big plan – they always ran into a number of obstacles, and if the plan succeeded, then at the last moment the money were stolen from them.

And each movie ended with Egon going to jail, the other two escaping each time.

Why do I tell you about these movies?

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Jun 12

[Tiff PLR] The richest PLR directory on $1 sale

By Britt Malka | Money Online

Tiffany Lambert is without doubt one of the giants when it comes to PLR. You have to search long to find a more prolific writer.

True hardship and problems as well as during happy times, Tiffany would write and continue writing. Never giving up. I admire that.

She’s a writer by heart, and her PLR is among the best.

Right now she’s doing a sale, where you can get her products for $1 a piece (in stacks of 10) or you could simply jump on board and get lifetime access.


There are 700-800 PLR packages in her store, so there should be something for everybody to pick from.

And buying good PLR will save you time writing your own content.

Even if you prefer to write your own books (which I understand) then PLR will come handy as content on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, other places, freebies, bonuses… There are so many places you can use PLR to your advantage.

Take a look at Tiffany’s catalogue to see if she hits any of your niches, and if she does, then dive in here and grab your content.

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Jun 11

Yf-yf dog chat and magical graphics

By Britt Malka | Money Online


Nefnef and I just came back from our walk to the park.

We chat a lot on our way. Especially on our way home, where we have a lot to talk about.

Like, "Nefnef good dog, out walking".

  • "Yf yf. Yf yf."

  • "And we saw a CAT."

  • "Yyyyyhhhhh."

  • "And Nefnef such a good dog. Nefnef out to do her business."

  • "Yf yf, yh yh."

(I seriously wonder if she calls herself Yf yf, but my husband says I’m crazy…)

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May 17

Review of “Affiliate Marketing Blueprint” PLR by Edmund Loh

By Britt Malka | Affiliate Marketing , Money Online

Edmund Loh launches his latest product, "Affiliate Marketing Blueprint", yesterday.

This is what you get

  • Component 1: High Quality Book with PLR
  • Component 2: Course Check List
  • Component 3: Creative Mind Map
  • Component 4: Ready-To-Go Sales Letter & Thank You Page
  • Component 5: Professionally Made Sales Video
  • Component 6: Covers And Graphics with PSD Files Included
  • Component 7: Ready-To-Go Squeeze Page
  • Component 8: Special Give Away Report with PLR
  • Component 9: Follow-Up Content Emails
  • Component 10: Private Label Rights License To Entire Package

You can read full details on the sales page, of course:


I went through it, and this is what I found:

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May 15

[Affiliate Marketing] Learn for free as a beginner (2/3)

By Britt Malka | Affiliate Marketing , Money Online

Can you believe it’s weekend again already? I think time is flying so fast.

Yesterday, I told you about how I’ve been getting access to freebies or discounted products since 1995.

You can use those ideas if you’re already making money as an affiliate, but if you’re just starting out, it’s difficult.

Here’s a method I used when I entered the English speaking market and was new here.

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May 14

[Affiliate Marketing] Learn from the best for free (1/3)

By Britt Malka | Affiliate Marketing , Money Online

I’ve taken up my habit of reading for 30 minutes outside on the balcony in the morning. Nefnef loves it. She looks after cats. She wants to play with them, but they aren’t as interested as she is. They’ve figured out that she isn’t dangerous, though.

Today, I read the end of a novella (for pleasure) but just as often I read non-fiction and learn more about writing, doing affiliate marketing or other.

Did you know that I began with affiliate marketing in 1995?

This is why I got started…

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