As far as I know, nobody else has come up with (or are sharing) the idea I’m about to reveal for you now.

It has a potential that money-wise is unlimited. I know one person is making thousands doing something similar, and it’s easy to do with the help of Kindle Spy.

In fact, there are two ways you can use this knowledge…

But first – a word from me

You can get Kindle Spy with lifetime upgrades for a one-time price.

The price is $97, but when you buy within the next 17 hours, you get it for

only $37

You’re saving $60 – pretty good, don’t you think?

==> Click here to buy KindleSpy

So for an investment of only $37 you get a possibility for publishing your own best-sellers…

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Check out this short video I made, where I’m digging for gold with KindleSpy 4. I find a book that makes an estimated $1,238 per month – and it’s only an estimated 11 pages long AND haha – these 11 pages are not covered with text.

Before I link to the video, here’s a question I got from John, long-time subscriber and friend:


What’s the difference from the original that I already have but don’t use because it only works on Chrome which I won’t put on my laptop?


Version 4 has a Firefox version, too.


Besides that, these are some of the new things:

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The biggest and most serious publishing house in Denmark (Gyldendal) invested more than $30,000 in a new series and sold none.

Before signing the contracts and publishing the books, they had asked potential buyers if they were interested, and they were. Only when the books were a reality, they backed down.

How to pick the most profitable books to write

If Gyldendal had had access to the tool I mentioned yesterday and this morning, it would never had happened.

They would have been able to – easily – analyze and evaluate which books would be profitable or not. Just like you can now.

Click here to see the tool 

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This morning, I woke up around 4… Then I couldn’t sleep again, because I kept thinking of this browser-tool I started to play with last night.

After a while, I got the brilliant idea to get up and play with the tool instead of lying sleepless, thinking about it.

Don’t say you cannot have bright moments before coffee!

Anyway, I went up to dig for gold, and I started with fiction, and I found something really incredible.

But just now I tried out the tool on non-fiction and found a book…

7 pages long, selling for $12.99, making around $650 per month

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How has your day been?

Mine started out fine, and well, overall I cannot complain.

I started out with my writing exercise and then I wrote fiction, until our domains went down.

They came up again fast, but there was a problem with a plugin, and I had to make some tough changes to the database. It took hours, but then it was done.

Then I had time to play around with a cool tool that will relaunch in version 4 tomorrow and I found something very interesting…

Number One on the best seller rank is NOT the best

In one case, number 10 was the best, and there are probably other examples.

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Okay, I will be completely honest with you.

When Temper laid out his method for us, and told us he got books ranking as #1 for generic keywords on Amazon, we couldn’t hear anything in the Skype room for several minutes because of all the BS alarms that went off.

BSalarmWe didn’t believe him.

I got a review copy of his Kindle Bestseller Fastlane, and the method is so simple that it absolutely couldn’t work.

No way!

Yesterday, Temper showed us proof.

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Happy New Year!

Tomorrow is not a holiday here in Israel. We already had our New Year’s Eve the 24th September, but my husband and I still celebrate it.

We have our traditions, like naming the best song, artist, movie, event etc. for each of us.

I know what the best thing happening to me in 2014 was:

Nefnef, 7 months, holding her teddy

Nefnef, 7 months, holding her teddy

But it’s followed sharply by my son who stopped smoking! Yeah!

I’m also looking forward to 2015. I have a feeling that it will be even better than 2014.

Are you planning on changing anything next year?

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Review of Power PublisherHello again :) Today, I’m going to look at the second week of Di Heuser’s “Power Publisher” course. This time, it’s about formatting your book for Createspace. (In a previous blog post I reviewed her first week, about Kindle formatting.)

Createspace is a print-on-demand service owned by Amazon, and even if you only plan to sell Kindle books, you should still make a print version available through Createspace.

  • It makes your book look more professional.
  • It will make your Kindle book seem less expensive.
  • You can now use the “match book” feature and let your clients save even more on a Kindle version.
  • It will increase your sales.

Any downsides? Nope, none that I see. Oh, yes, one… How do you format books for Createspace? I know that you can pay people to take care of this step, but that’s easily $40 per book. It all adds up… That’s what has helt me back… until now!

Because I just received Di’s second week course about publishing your book, and this week it’s about Createspace. Yay!

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Power Publisher ReviewHi there :) Don’t we just live in a wonderful world filled with possibilities? Gone are the days where we needed to beg publishers to print out books. Today, we can take matters into our own hands and just do it!

We can publish for free on Kindle, Lulu, Createspace, Smashworlds, Lightning Source and even on iTunes… We have no limitations… but our own.

And I’m all for breaking them down as fast as possible.

One of the road blocks you could encounter, when it comes to publishing e-books, is the lack of knowledge about how to format the book properly.

If only the they all agreed to one standard, but no… You need one format for Kindle, another for Lulu, a third for Createspace, and so on.

As you probably know, I’ve published a few Kindle books and make monthly sales, and I plan to work more on this site on my business in the future. And I don’t want to limit myself to Kindle, but try all the other places as well. But what about formatting? This has so far kept me from publishing on Createspace, even though it’s a huge advantage to have a printed book next to my Kindle book.

Luckily, I can get started today, because I have a friend who’s doing an awesome course, called “Power Publisher”, and she teaches us all about how to get our books out there at the easiest possible way. Read on, to learn more.

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Hi there :) Today, I was busy working, writing, washing clothes, unpacking boxes… and all of a sudden it was dark outside. So I decided to do today’s vlog challenge on my screen instead.

You might be glad I did, because I’m going to show you a forum, I’ve been frequenting ever since I heard about it the first time, which was in the beginning of last month.

It’s a very new forum and with a very new concept. You’ll find plenty of areas, each with a related expert. Alexa Smith is the expert in ClickBank and Article Marketing, Erica Stone is the expert in Amazon affiliate marketing, and you’ll find areas for copywriting, traffic, creativity, marketing, social marketing, authority sites, Kindle… There are PLENTY of areas, and you know what’s really cool? I’ll tell you…

When I joined the forum, somebody asked if we couldn’t get an area for Amazon affiliate marketing. I wrote that I found it a great idea, and if we could invite Erica Stone, it would be wonderful. A few days later, we had this new area, and Erica Stone had joined.

There’s another thing, and I forgot to mention that in the video (kick-myself-hard). That is the atmosphere on the forum. People are so nice! It’s just as if you’ve come home. That’s how I felt, and I read somebody else writing the same.

Here’s my video about this wonder-forum called Online Business Insiders, and a link where you can join for a very low monthly price.

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