Back in 2011, I made a list of money-making ideas. Some of these aren’t that hot anymore (like Squidoo and Hub Pages), but I guess people still need money-making ideas in 2015. Right?

These ideas are meant for inspiration. If you want a concrete idea you can run with today and make money with then you should [OptinLink id=1]listen to this[/OptinLink].

Here are the long-term money-making ideas: More »

If you’ve opened more than a couple of my mails, you know that I rarely offers bonuses.

When I do, they are not only related to the product, but improves it.

And while it can seem hard to improve Bill Platt’s "Easy Social Book Promotion" there is a secret tip that he left out.

I know, because I was the one who annoyed him for so long with my questions about this method that he decided to write the book, and he told me ONE tip that didn’t make it to the report.

It’s about getting free images to your blog (and no, it’s not ‘use pixabay’).

This secret tip makes life so much easier for those of us who write in genres where it’s hard to free images for our blogs (hint: One of Ryan’s mastermind groups).

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If you’re doing FB advertising, you’re just one among many (oh, and it costs money).

If you’re posting your new books to FB groups, it’s great, but you’re nothing special. You’re one among many.

But what if you could build a relationship with your readers – non-fiction as well as fiction – in any category and genre for free?

And what if it was by building relationship with your readers?

Imagine that you could do this without spamming.

And that you’ll discover the right texts and images to share, which will make your new followers love you?

And in turn, they’ll share with their friends – building your number of followers for free and with love?

>> Grab "Easy Social Book Promotion" here <<

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Wanna know more about "Easy Social Book Promotion" before getting it?

  • It’s written in an easy to understand language.
  • Everything is easy to follow.
  • Descriptions are step-by-step.
  • There are plenty of REAL examples. No hiding behind a pen name here.
  • This is not theory. This is a proven method that works.


Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about Bill Platt’s "Easy Social Book Promotion".

>> Grab Easy Social Book Promotion here <<

If you’re writing books and selling them on Amazon, you’ll love this product.

Bill Platt wrote down the method he came up with and has taught a few other students, and

his first student makes $10K per month now after 8 months

When I asked him if I should count 8 months to obtain the same results, he said no.

Around four months can do it.


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As far as I know, nobody else has come up with (or are sharing) the idea I’m about to reveal for you now.

It has a potential that money-wise is unlimited. I know one person is making thousands doing something similar, and it’s easy to do with the help of Kindle Spy.

In fact, there are two ways you can use this knowledge…

But first – a word from me

You can get Kindle Spy with lifetime upgrades for a one-time price.

The price is $97, but when you buy within the next 17 hours, you get it for

only $37

You’re saving $60 – pretty good, don’t you think?

==> Click here to buy KindleSpy

So for an investment of only $37 you get a possibility for publishing your own best-sellers…

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Check out this short video I made, where I’m digging for gold with KindleSpy 4. I find a book that makes an estimated $1,238 per month – and it’s only an estimated 11 pages long AND haha – these 11 pages are not covered with text.

Before I link to the video, here’s a question I got from John, long-time subscriber and friend:


What’s the difference from the original that I already have but don’t use because it only works on Chrome which I won’t put on my laptop?


Version 4 has a Firefox version, too.


Besides that, these are some of the new things:

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