I wouldn’t have been where I am today, if I hadn’t participated in events. The ones I joined was local, in my city, and I would just love to go to a Warrior Even and meet fellow warriors.

People, who’ve participated, have loved it.

But it’s expensive, unless you live in the neighborhood. You have to get there, you have to stay in a hotel, dine out, maybe even pay for a babysitter… It all adds up.

The second best thing is to watch the videos.

I got peek access, and I must confess that I had a hard time choosing which video to watch first.

>> Get access to Warrior Event 2014 and my bonuses here <<<

My Cool Bonuses

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ChrisNaish and family

Shalom 🙂 You can find a lot of small goldmines in the Kindle store on Amazon, and today, I can reveal a “long tail book“, that is a book about long tail keywords, and a book about masterminding that you can get for free today and a few days ahead.

Here’s why I recommend these two books:

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Most Internet marketers use WordPress. A few use Blogger. And even fewer go for Typepad. I don’t know about Typepad, but as far as I know you cannot turn a Blogger blog (even on your own domain) into an e-commerce site. You can use WordPress for that with a plugin.

But there are alternatives, which are free. I was asked to write about SEOTOASTER, which is an Open source CMS (Content Management System) script that can be used for e-commerce as well. So if you plan on making an online store, why not give this script a try?

Here are some further information about SEOTOASTER.

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Push seo button

Even if SEO seems more boring to you than a Swedish black and white movie without subtitles, there is one thing you MUST do.

It will make all the difference for your site, and it’s a one-time-only event.

The good news is that it only takes about 30 seconds to do it. The bad news is… In fact, there is no bad news.

Ready to push the SEO button?

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To most people, SEO sounds scaring and, let’s be honest, boring.

I remember back in 2010, when I started this blog, I spend HOURS every week creating back-links to it, writing articles, pinging and social book-marking. It worked, but it’s a tedeous task that can be outsourced.

But outsourcing seems scaring, too. How much does it cost? What are the value of the work, we’re paying for? Will we see our site hit #1 on Google, and then vanish totally from the search engines a month later?

What about the latest algorithms, penguins and pandas and other strange Google animals?

There are so many questions that in the end a lot of people end up doing nothing.

But before you let panic and a feeling of depression overwealm you, I have a little tip that will cost you nothing, but gain you an hour’s worth from real seo consulting services. Sounds good? Thought so, so read on…

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John Schwartz

Haha, yes, he did, and I wish I wrote this letter myself, so immediately after reading it, I contacted John to get his approval of posting the letter on my blog.

But I’ll let you read John’s controversial email yourself. I’m not afraid to admit that I agree with him. I’m lazy. I do take action, but I’m still lazy.

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Israel heraldry

I once believed that I didn’t do any SEO at all to rank my articles on my sites and blogs. I thought SEO was only about getting backlinks and other boring stuff, and if there’s one thing I don’t want to waste my precious time with it’s doing tedious tasks.

To my surprise, a lot of my articles ranked high anyway.

Right, I did ask my followers to link to my pages (it was back in those days), and a few actually did, but I never had thousands of backlinks, maybe a handful. And yet, sometimes I could see my article as number one on Google, not only for long tail keyword, but also for ONE single keyword with thousands of local searches. (In Denmark, that’s a lot.)

In a moment, I’ll show you one of those keywords, the number of searches, the number of competing sites, and what I did to obtain such a high rank – without knowing I was doing SEO.

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Have you claimed your blog at Technorati? It’s a simple procedure, and it’s a good idea to do it, if you want back links to your blog.

You need to create a free account on Technorati, and then choose Start a blog claim at the bottom of the page. Fill in all the details, and when you’re done, you’ll receive a code like this one: FTJ7VGWAJWEN

Create a new blog post with this code, like I do here, and then confirm it in your account. See illustration below.

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