If you need a little help to get started and want to make money with your writings, then you would want to know more about what WriterHelp has to offer.

Feel free to mail me and ask questions, if I don’t cover them in this mail.

==> http://malka.im/writerhelp

First of all, most of the content is written.

There are five modules, there are case studies (video interviews) and there are lists of selected writer’s jobs.

This is the content of the five modules:

Module 1: The Writing Market
Module 2: Finding Writing Jobs Online
Module 3: Getting Long Term Writing Work
Module 4: Creating Passive Streams of Income with Writing
Module 5: Improving Your Writing Skills and Building Authority

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If you dream about more freedom and if you like to write, then you’ve probably thought about how you could combine the two things.

Is it possible to write for a living?

Yes, you’ve heard all the stories of a computer programmer, who got fired and started to write cozy mysteries and made a fortune on Kindle.

Or the car salesman who quit and started to write and sell info products.

You might even have tried writing a book or two – but sales didn’t take off.

That’s okay.

There are more than one way to make a living online by writing.

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How are you doing? Are you as productive as you would like to be?

I have radically changed diet recently, and I’ve also added much more fiction writing to my daily work, so I’m toast early in the evening. At around 9pm I’m almost sleeping LOL

I wanted to mail you today with a bit of a mixture of things. Some products I’ve told you about earlier, and a new one, which you SHOULD get, because it’s good for you, and because I agree with 17 out of this boy’s 19 points. (So he must be clever, right? Just say yes ;))

Here we go:

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Ever since I started to make money online, my main tool was writing.

It didn’t matter whether I resold software, or aimed at getting clicks on ads. It was through my writing that money started to manifest.

I wrote articles, blog posts, emails, books, home pages… I wrote, because that’s what I do best, and because it served my purpose.

In the beginning, videos were out of the question. After YouTube I could have used that platform as well, but my purpose has changed since then. Now I also write fiction.

Sure, there are other ways to make online, but I still think writing is the best.

The more you write, the more money you can make.

It’s simple, really: Write more – earn more

But how do you write more?

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I’m writing this mail later than expected, but I just finished brainstorming some fiction ideas with my friend.

We needed one and came up with three 😀 Well, two will be for later, but still…

How do you write more words?

Some people swear to Dragon-software, but if you want to be really creative, then it’s actually better to write than to talk. Something about neuropsychology and the centers in the brain.

Learning to touch-type has been one of the best things I’ve done. I can write faster than I dictate to any program, besides the fact that I would be doing a lot of erm, uh, ho, and other stuff, if I had to talk my way through a book.

What more?

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After an hour in the sun, I’m ready to do some work, and during the last week, I’ve been testing a new product called Curation Soft.

You might already have read a few hundred mails about it, praising how fantastic this tool is, and I wish I could agree to that.

But that wouldn’t be the whole truth, and I don’t like to keep things in the dark.

So let me tell you straight away: Curation Soft both pleased me immensely and annoyed me.

If you haven’t heard about it, you can take a short look here and then come back and read: http://malka.im/e/curationsoft

What I Loved About Curation Soft

It is so fast!

Really! I typed in a search phrase and split seconds later I had a list of interesting blogs to choose from.

My keyword was very broad, and some of the results inspired me to a blog post, so I narrowed it down to search for only that keyphrase.

Then I chose the posts to use, and I even found some Amazon products too to add to my blog post.

You can add your Amazon affiliate ID to the settings, and you can even set up your blogs and post directly from the program. I didn’t do that, but I’ll try that later. Instead I just copied and pasted the HTML code to my blog and published.

Even after adding my own comments and fixing the format, it took me less than ten minutes to come up with this blog post.

Does it look perfect?

No, and this is where my frustrations came in. Let me elaborate on them.

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Review of Hi there 🙂 Last week, I got access to John Schwartz’s latest product titled: “Create Your Own Paid Info-Product in Any Niche“. It’s a step-by-step guide to coming up with books that can make you both money and happy readers.

This book is the third and last part of a series that shows you the advantages of creating both free and paid products, and how you can make the two work together.

Why did I chose to review this ebook? And do I know John Schwartz?

Let’s start with the latter question: Yes, I’ve been following John Schwartz for several years, now. I’ve bought plenty of his products, and I’ve loved them all. He’s an honest writer, and his books contains useful tips and knowledge, and no hype. He’s a brilliant writer, and he explains things very well. This might be thanks to his “peanut butter method”, which I’ll tell you more about in a moment.

I chose to review this product, because I loved it. So now you’re warned. I should find something negative to say about it, and I might, when I go through it page by page. And there are somethings, because this book is not perfect. Nor should yours be (more about that, too, in a moment).

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Goal setting and planningHi there 🙂 Okay, I took the weekend off (Friday and Saturday) and used a bit of the Sunday to create my daily five lenses. Normally I take Sundays off, too, but a challenge is a challenge 😉

I’m happy to find out that others have joined me in this challenge 🙂 I love that! Thanks 🙂

Oh, by the way, if you’re new to Squidoo, you might get worried a day after you’ve published your lens. You can read about the Squidoo Lens Dance here.

In this blog post, I’ll show you my five new lenses as well as tell you about the results so far.

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