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Jun 05

Writing an ‘odd blog’ could make money

By GuestBlogger | Guests & Paid Reviews

There are various ways of making money from a blog such as getting revenue from advertising on your blog site, selling affiliate products and selling your own products and services. Most blogs are pretty mainstream, catering for various audiences and interests, but how about writing a blog that would appeal to people who love anything a bit odd or different?

There is certainly money to be made in this sort of niche and let’s face it most of us enjoy stories that are a bit out of the ordinary, so a blog catering to this area of interest could be a way to tap into people’s curiosity and fascination with all things odd. Let me give you a few examples…

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Mar 09

Making Money As A Stay At Home Mom

By GuestBlogger | Guests & Paid Reviews

making money as a stay at home momJust because you are a stay at home mom it does not mean that you can’t make money in your spare time. While being a mom can be a full time job, especially when your children aren’t yet of school age, there is some free time that you can use to make a good amount of money. Here are five things to consider when you are looking at making money as a stay at home mum:Continue reading

Mar 07 – The New Freelance Marketplace for Minigigs Online

By GuestBlogger | Guests & Paid Reviews

There are dozens of sites popping up for people who want to buy and sell minigigs online and the newest contender is  You’re probably already familiar with sites like Fiverr and Fourer where, oddly enough, minigigs cost $5 and $4 respectively.  And yes, you’re safe in assuming that minigigs at cost $8.  But even at $8 that’s a pretty low price.  How is anybody making money selling these cheap minigigs online?

Let’s take a look at the sellers first.  Some sellers are only in it for pocket change but serious sellers are discovering the benefits of using these minigig sites to build their business.

Sites like handle their own promotion so you automatically have traffic coming in to see your gigs.  And it’s not like the other freelancing sites where you have to compete with other providers.  The buyers see your gig and they either buy it or they don’t.  There is no negotiation of prices – it’s $8, take it or leave it.

A smart seller looking to use to build his business will create 2 types of gigs.  The first will be minigigs that be completed quickly and with very little effort – because there’s very little profit to be made on an $8 sale.  The second might be a gig that he’d normally charge more than $8 for but it’s a great way to attract some new business.

A smart seller will also have more to offer than these little $8 minigigs and he’ll include an upsell offer when he delivers his gig.  Think of these little minigigs online as a way to get samples of your work into the hands of a tightly targeted audience.  And when you deliver you need to let them see what you really have to offer.

Buyers can use these sites to their advantage, too.  They’re a great resource for outsourcing some of your more tedious tasks, such as article writing or blog commenting or Tweeting.  And you’d be surprised at some of the talent you’ll find on these sites.  Never assume that just because someone is willing to work for $8 they must be an inexperienced idiot.  Some of these smart sellers are making thousands of dollars a month.

The only real downside to these sites is that the site keeps a portion of each sale.  On the site owners keep $1 from each $5 gig, which means the seller only actually makes $4 per gig.  The owners of however understand that to be knows as an authority site they need to attract top-quality sellers.  To that end, they also only keep $1 per sale.  But since the sale is $8 total, that means the seller is making $7 per sale at

There are a lot of buys and sellers both making lots of money with these minigigs online.  The key is to make sure you can complete the transaction fast enough to make it worth your while and profitable.


Feb 22

Think Out of the Box – Offer a T-Shirt Instead of a Free Report

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

We all give away a free report or eBook as a bribe to make people sign up for our mailing lists. And what happens? People don’t even care to get it. They are so used to being served junk or only partly usable stuff that they don’t care about your free offer.

After all – free isn’t really free. They have to give you their name and email, and sooner or later, they know that you’re going to pitch them for some sales.

Nothing is free.

They also have to spend time reading your report, or at least the beginning, until they figure out what’s in it for them, and if you’re really offering them something of value, or just the old rehashed PLR report.

If you plan to offer something of value as a back-end product, why not give away something of real value that the receiver will immediately accept as being a waoooh offer?

And if you at the same time could make them remember you at least once a week?

This can be done, but it has a price, of course. You cannot just collect a bunch of free PLR, or jot down a report in an hour. You must cough up some real money and buy embroidered shirts, T-shirts or coffee mugs, keyrings or something else. It’s not even that expensive. Listen to this…

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Feb 16

Review of Blue Global Media – First Impression

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

Affiliate network with high pay outs and high-priced products are always in demand. So when I got contacted by Blue Global Media to write about them, I found it interesting.

To be honest, this is not the kind of Affiliate network I would use myself. Why not?

Simply, because they specialize in financial products like loans and credit reports. I don’t recommend people to get in debt.

Anyway, for test reasons, I went ahead and signed up.

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Feb 15

Review of

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

As an Internet marketer you’re probably interested in web hosting. I know that I am. Since we bought our first domains back in 1997, we’ve tried several hosting companies. Some never managed to host our domains, even though they took our money. Others did for a while, until we got so tired of their service (or lack of it) that we switched.

We stayed with one particular French web host for several years. His service and product were excellent, but the price was too high. We paid $100 per month for 2.5GB.

Anyway, finding the right web host is one of your most important tasks.

I’ve been asked twice to write about a web hosting rating site that contacted me. The first time, I declined, but when they asked me again today, I thought… why not. My readers should be able to learn something from this blog post.

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