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Oct 25

SEOTOASTER – Free Open Source CMS and E-Commerce Website Builder

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews , Money Online

Most Internet marketers use WordPress. A few use Blogger. And even fewer go for Typepad. I don’t know about Typepad, but as far as I know you cannot turn a Blogger blog (even on your own domain) into an e-commerce site. You can use WordPress for that with a plugin.

But there are alternatives, which are free. I was asked to write about SEOTOASTER, which is an Open source CMS (Content Management System) script that can be used for e-commerce as well. So if you plan on making an online store, why not give this script a try?

Here are some further information about SEOTOASTER.

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Oct 08

Say It With a Video

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

Of course you’ve heard the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, sometimes it is. And sometimes even a picture cannot do it.

There are moments where the only way to really explain something profoundly is by using a video.

But what can you do if you don’t know how to create professional looking videos yourself?

You could go to Fiverr, of course, but if you really need a very professional job, you have to go to a professional video creator.

One company that can make such explanatory videos is Illustrate iT Video. They are able to take your idea and turn it into a video. How cool is that?

I chatted with Wayne Ferris, who is a co-founder and COO at Illustrate iT Video. He’s a very nice guy, and he told me a little about how they create their animated videos.

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Sep 23

SEO Company in Chicago – A Joke? Or a Clever Test?

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

I was asked to write about SEO Companies in Chicago and especially link to this SNG SEO Chicago company, but when I visited the site, my first thought was:

“Is this a joke?”

If it is, the joke’s not on me, because I’m getting paid to write this, but let’s look at a few things here that might be important, if you’re searching for SEO in Chicago – or just want to learn a bit about SEO in general.

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Jul 25

Are You Worried about Your Online Reputation? You Should Be!

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

Worry about your online Reputation

You can ruin or build your reputation with a click of your mouse or by hitting Return on your keyboard.

You have probably read about scandals where highly placed employees got fired, because they wrote some stupidities on Twitter or Facebook.

But not only prominent people have to worry about their online reputation. So do you.

It’s a scaring fact that everything you write and put online will stay there forever to testify upon what kind of person you are. Or was, one wet night in the company of your friends…

Or even worse — the information about you or your business might have been planted by your competitors. This has happened to big companies, and it happens to smaller companies all the time.

You should consider your online reputation, too, even if you’re only blogging a few minutes per week, or if your email list consists of 10 people, and you use your email client to send out mails (that’s how I started).

Why should you worry? And what to do? I’ll give you some ideas here…

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Jul 19

Making money by just taking pictures

By GuestBlogger | Guests & Paid Reviews

Money making idea: sell picturesDo you want to turn your photography hobby into something that you can actually make a profit from? Stock photography is a great way to turn your photos into some extra cash in your pocket. Stock photos are images that someone might want to use for something.

The possibilities for stock photos are infinite; it could be pictures of nature, landscapes, just people doing really anything, events, or even pictures of animals. Basically you should take pictures of any and everything that is around you, it’s very inexpensive to keep the photos online and you can never be sure what people need or want.

You will want to keep your photos in library form so that someone searching for something can see all your photos of food, or plants or of people playing sports, etc. in one place. You should also make sure that your photos are professional and marketable, if you took a picture of a person you should have a signed release to use that picture, stating that the person in the picture doesn’t mind it being used.

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Jul 18

Outsourcing SEO? Scared about the Price? Then Learn this Valuable Tip about Getting Started for Free

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews , Money Online


To most people, SEO sounds scaring and, let’s be honest, boring.

I remember back in 2010, when I started this blog, I spend HOURS every week creating back-links to it, writing articles, pinging and social book-marking. It worked, but it’s a tedeous task that can be outsourced.

But outsourcing seems scaring, too. How much does it cost? What are the value of the work, we’re paying for? Will we see our site hit #1 on Google, and then vanish totally from the search engines a month later?

What about the latest algorithms, penguins and pandas and other strange Google animals?

There are so many questions that in the end a lot of people end up doing nothing.

But before you let panic and a feeling of depression overwealm you, I have a little tip that will cost you nothing, but gain you an hour’s worth from real seo consulting services. Sounds good? Thought so, so read on…

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Jun 11

Review of Depositphotos – Stock Photos and Vector Images

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews , Money Online

When I sat down to write this blog post, I thought about the introduction. I thought about how we NEED good pictures for our blog posts, or for Pinterest, or Instagram, or for book covers, or for a thousand other things, because for some reason, pictures turn us on.

It’s a well known fact that except for the headline of a newspaper article, the text below the pictures are the most read text in a newspaper.

Then – for some reason – all of a sudden I remembered Steve Pavlina’s blog. It has huge success, but as I remembered it, it was plain text. No images. So I headed over to his blog and what was the first thing that met my eye?

A picture on top of his latest blog post. LOL.

So I guess we can all agree to the fact that we need pictures. Period.

The question is where to get the pictures from.

As you can see, I link to a couple of places in the sidebar of my blog. One of those places are Depositphotos, and today I’m going to write a review of their service, so you can get an idea about if it’s worth trying or not.

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Jun 10

Are You in Internet Marketing Because You Want to Pay Out Debt? Then Read this Blog Post by Financial Expert

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews


When should people consider the option of debt settlement to pay off the debt?

After the recent unfortunate recession, a large number of individuals across the nation are not getting a job and thus, are not being able to pay for monthly bills. Therefore, the bills get piled up and become impossible to be paid off, results in incurring an overwhelming debt. So it is to be said that debt has become one of the most common financial obligations, coming out of which people are looking for a way to earn cash and settle debt. They are relying more on the internet as a reliable source of earning cash. Many of them are starting up a business of internet marketing to earn cash and settle debt. Before starting a business, they are doing an extensive research on how to get traffic to their sites and increase the cash flow. However, that’s not enough to settle the debt. So, people need to understand whether debt settlement is the right option for them.

When is the right time to settle your debt?

Following are some of the situations when people should consider debt settlement.

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