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Oct 28

The Common Dangerous Risks in Starting an Online Business

By Travis Holmes | Guests & Paid Reviews

Starting a business of any kind, especially an online business, is risky. There are a lot of factors to consider as you start on a new venture including life insurance, financial security, building the business and what happens if you take a loss. It is important to research your business idea prior to launching so that you can be competitive with other products or services in the same area. Otherwise, you are destined to fail right from the start.Continue reading

Aug 21

The History of Lead Gen [Infographic]

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

Oh, this infographic rouses memories…

No, not back the cave man, thank you, I’m not that old, but several years back.

For instance back in 2004, I was contacted by a man who wanted to sell me access to post videos online. Videos online? Oh wow! It wasn’t even possible to send them by email, because they were so big. This would only cost me $97 per month, and video was the future, he assured me.

Or a few years earlier, when I received an email in Russian. I asked a Russian friend what it said, all excited about this strange mail. “It’s spam,” he answered. I was very disappointed.

I believed him, but found his product too expensive. The year after, YouTube was created, and you could now host your video for free.

But take a look at this infographic. There are a lot of interesting details. Lead generation has existed for many years.

Have you seen the first banner ad on the Internet? Do you think it would work today? I think it would. And it’s funny that this first ad actually formed the standard for millions of future banner ads, all made in the size 468×60.

And as you can see, man has always been social. Right from the beginning. We just have it much easier today.Continue reading

May 27

Get Paid to Answer Questions (Australia Only)

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

Hi there 🙂

what do you thinkWhen we lived in France, my husband and I were both teaching people how to use the computer. He’s French, so he knew the language well. I didn’t… I had three years of French in high-school. But I knew how to teach Word, Excel and stuff like that. So this was my springboard to speaking better French.

One day, when we were out shopping, I met one of my pupils in the supermarket. She was serving juice to customers in the hope that we would buy. We stopped, tasted the juice, bought two bottles, and then we chatted a littled.

She asked me if I would mind that she came home to me to do a survey. Then she would offer me some samples to thank me for my help.

You see… That was a job back then. Companies paid people to call and do surveys, or to visit people and do surveys.

Nowadays, the companies still pay, but they’ve skipped the middleman, and you get paid instead.

If you live in Australia, you can find out how to make money online by doing paid surveys, getting cashback and other things here.

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May 17

Web Design and Hosting Packages

By GuestBlogger | Guests & Paid Reviews

web design and hosting packagesA website requires something known as a host in order to function properly. There is no website in existence that does not have a host.

Every one of those websites also has to have web design to it.

When looking to set up a website, it is important to look for web design and hosting packages.

When the two are put together like this, the price tends to be lower than if the two parts were purchased separate of one another. This is why the smart website creator will make sure to wait until one of these packages comes along that is set at a fair price.

The first host that comes along is not always the one to select. There is a chance that the host will not always have all of the right features. It also may not be at the right price to make it affordable.

Instead, it is wise to wait until all of the stars align to get the right package at the right price with the right host.

A website that has been created without some of these elements will immediately being to show flaws. People will not want to visit such a website, and the whole thing will be a disaster. It is nice though when it all comes together perfectly and people actually take the time to visit the website. 

Mar 20

Review of

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

Hey there 🙂 As an Internet marketer, you need a domain at least to host your main blog or website. But where do you go to get your domain? A lot of marketers recommend GoDaddy or Namecheap. I don’t. I use another registrar myself. But my choice is not the purpose of this blog post.

Actually, I was asked to do a review of a registrar, who says that they can be used for cheap domain register. So, I’ll mention here what I liked and didn’t like about the site.

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Feb 28

Get Domain, Hosting and DIY Webdesign Without Technical Knowledge?

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

Hi there 🙂 I got my first homepage in 1996, but it was made for my by a publishing bureau. The page was hyper-expensive, and they didn’t do a good job, by the way, so when a neighbour came over and showed me how he made homepages himself, I was intrigued. But oh, wow, did it look complicated?

He was jugling around with “tags” and “H1” and “HEAD” and “BODY”, and I had NO idea about how he knew all that.

Next you could get programs to help you create pages with. And then blog scripts like WordPress.

True, all that has become much easier, but it’s still necessary to have some kind of techhnical skills, if you want to get a domain, set up your home page, change the design, and maybe even add an auto-responder and webshop.

When I was asked to do a short review of an ecommerce website builder, I thought that might help you, if you lack those technical skills.

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Nov 18

How to Sell Online for the Not Technical Minded

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

For years, it has been possible to set up e-commerce scripts and start selling online, but the problem for many was that you had to be technical minded. You had to know at least some PHP or ASP, and you had to know how to deal with databases like MySQL. Even though it’s much easier today than when we started to sell online, it’s still a challenge for many to set up an online shop.

So how to sell online if you’re not technical minded?

In this blog post, I’m going to mention one way of doing that, hence hang on, if don’t dream in codes, and if you don’t know how to create a new database with cPanel. This blog post is for you.

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Nov 14

And what about Tiffany’s lipstick?

By Cyril Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

I am Cyril Malka, Britt’s husband, and she actually asked me to write a post on her blog (I always admired my wife’s courage!). My own blog – – is about psychology.

I wanted to make a funny video, but it ended up beeing serious… Well, kind of.

What do Tiffany’s (flashy) lipstick, my wife’s accent and my T-shirts have in common? Explanation in this video.

If there is over 20 likes of any kind at the bottom of this, I might risk another one.



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Oct 29

SEO Consulting Services

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

You’ll find plenty of seo consulting services online, so it’s important to check the company before you ask them to help your site to the top.

I was asked to write about one of these seo consulting services, and there’s one thing that immediately struck my eye:

This site is personal.

The front page is not all about “we are a blah blah blah company, serving blah blah blah since 1847”. Not it’s: “My name is Danny DeMichele”. I like that!

You can contact Danny directly from his site, and you can read and follow his blog and see what values he stands for.

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Oct 29

Affiliate Network for Financial Products Like Loans and Credit Reports

By Britt Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

If you’re an affiliate who wants to promote loans and credit reports, there’s a network that specializes in that area. It’s called Blue Global Media and you can sign up for this international affiliate network from their home site.

They have areas for their different activities, where you can read more, for example about the Payday loan affiliate program.

All applications are manually approve, so make sure you type in the correct information. 

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