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Why We No Longer Use arpReach as Auto-Responder

By Cyril Malka / June 15, 2016

We were using Sendy as an autoresponder when my wife, Britt, found arpReach. She liked the product a lot since it could do things Sendy couldn’t (and still can’t as far as I know) and which she found very useful. She bought the so-called “Gold” license. According to arpReach, the Gold license gave right to […]


Are You Doing Market Research

By Britt Malka / October 18, 2015

Let’s imagine that one morning, while you prepare breakfast, you get this sizzling idea: What if I opened a morning restaurant, serving bacon and eggs for busy business people? This might work really well. So you grab the newspaper and search for small restaurants for rent, and you find one you can afford. What will […]


What Is The Benefit of Hiring a Social Media Management Service?

By Britt Malka / December 9, 2014

Getting your business noticed used to mean distributing business cards, pamphlets and launching a commercial spot here and there. Today, however, the marketing scene is very different. Digital marketing efforts, including social media optimization, are the keys to a successful marketing campaign. Social media optimization allows you to grab website content and make it social […]


What to Consider When Choosing a Payday Loan Option

By Britt Malka / December 2, 2014

In life there will always be surprises. When you need to pay an unexpected expense, you might not know where to turn, especially if you have a tight budget. There are a number of options for getting money when you need it, and one of those options is a payday loan. This type of loan […]


Three Tips for Starting a Tax Preparation Business

By GuestBlogger / October 31, 2014

As people begin to prepare for their year-end holiday festivities, those who are in the tax preparation industry are beginning to prepare for a busy tax preparation season that kicks off at the first of the New Year. For some, this is a routine process: downloading updates to existing tax preparation software packages, ordering new […]


Why You Need a PowerPoint Designer

By GuestBlogger / August 31, 2014

While most people do not give a lot of thought to PowerPoint presentations, the truth is that a high quality, professional, and engaging slideshow can take some time and a lot of effort to create. Unless you’re lucky enough to pull creativity out of thin air, you can expect to need to set aside time […]


High Risk Payment Processing

By GuestBlogger / June 17, 2014

In the retail world, every merchant needs to have a safe and effective method to collect money from customers. These days, a significant percentage of shoppers choose to buy items online rather than local brick and mortar stores. Therefore, there has to be a convenient way for making electronic purchases when shopping online. The eCommerce […]


ListGIANT – Not So Abundant

By Britt Malka / January 2, 2014

Hello there 🙂 I was asked to do a review of ListGIANT, and since I’m in Internet marketing, and I assume that you are, too, I thought it sounded interesting. An organized place to find lists to promote offers to? Great! However, I was quickly disappointed by two things.


Top Approaches to Get Money Online

By Travis Holmes / October 28, 2013

When getting money is your main concern, the Internet can certainly lend a helping hand. Nonetheless, while it is true that are many ways to get it, scams and risky ways to obtain money are also present. You may browse the web to find the right solution, but the key point is knowing how to […]


Top Life Investments That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

By Travis Holmes / October 28, 2013

When it comes to money, there are several ways to bring in cash on a regular basis. Some of ways are passive but bring in money slowly, other ways bring in money quickly but you must work actively to keep the cash flow. In the end, you want to find good life investments to make […]

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