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Nov 13

You need all 7 vital factors

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Have you ever thought about what you were doing?

I know that I used to spend a lot of time doing stuff that wasn’t vital to my business.

They weren’t even useful.

Time wasters.

I don’t have to ask, “How do you know?” – Because you know, right?

The following are 7 vital factors you do need to address:

  1. Focus
  2. A proven business model
  3. A killer presentation
  4. Traffic and/or leads
  5. Conversion rate optimization
  6. Team
  7. Sustainability

None of those 7 vital factors are easy to handle, but if you do a little, every day, then you’ll get there.

Then you’ll end up with a stable, long-term business that can provide you with what you need.

I must confess that I grabbed those 7 vital factors from Nick Chou’s latest training, which also includes 8 business models and a number of case studies.

Good stuff for sure.

Take a look here

Nov 11

How to build a long-term business

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Building a long-term business doesn’t mean that you can’t make money fast.

You can.

But you have to do it the right way.

When I started out, a fax machine was still a very cool product that very few people owned.

“Online” meant spending a lot of money on phone bills and Internet suppliers.

So building a long-term business online? If I’d told anybody that it was my dream back in 1997, when we bought our first domains for a fortune, they would have laughed.

And yet, that’s what I did. It wasn’t an overnight event. I didn’t go to bed poor one evening and woke up to check my PayPal account (which had just been invented) to find that I was filthy rich.

That’s not how things work.

And yet, the majority of product creators make those nice shiny object products.

How about something that helps you build a long-term business instead?

On your conditions – whether it be product creation, affiliate marketing or something else?

If you’re sick and tired of products that promises the moon but hardly delivers a pebble, then take a look at Nick Chou’s Long-Term Business Blueprint.

For once, this is a marketer who isn’t full of it, but actually does what he teaches and has an immense success doing so. He’s also a very nice guy. Helpful, polite, thoughtful.

I only have good things to say about Nick.

Check out your Long-Term Business Blueprint here

Nov 09

Tricks I use to get more done and increase profits

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes go through phases where I can’t seem to get much done. I sit down to work and nothing happens.

I’m talking about just trying to get a little bit done in a few minutes.

When I want to but just can’t seem to, that’s so frustrating! Ugh.

Ever go through phases like that, where what is usually easy becomes nearly impossible?

Well, that has happened to me over the years more than I care to admit. And I finally got tired of it enough to find solutions.

And I have. I’ve got several tricks I’ve discovered and use to keep me on track as I work at home.

Working for yourself means being your own boss. Sometimes we forget that, I think.

And being your own boss means you have to find ways to get the work done even when it’s tough.

That’s just how it is. Know what I mean?

So I found some solutions for those tough days. What I wanted was to be able to get the important stuff done quickly – right now – not later.

These are quick solutions, not long-term strategies. If you want to sit down today, in the next few minutes, and get a project started (or finish one you’ve been working on too long), this is what you need.

All I can tell you is these things work for me. That’s why I’m sharing them with you.

I think you’ll find them to be very helpful if you get “stuck” sometimes and just need something simple and quick to get you unstuck.

Take a look:

I kept the price as low as I could, but it’s going up soon. So grab a copy now and it won’t set you back more than a trip to your favorite fast-food restaurant. 🙂

Nov 08

Lifetime PLR offer (only today)

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

I just learned that Tiffany Lambert has a fantastic offer of lifetime access to her PLR Minimart.

Only today: $199 instead of $397

Tiff writes excellent PLR, some of the best you can get.

If you need content for blogs, articles, videos or for product creation, then it would be a great idea to get this offer.

The total PLR membership is under the Specials page on the right sidebar

Nov 08

An honest view on Internet marketing

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

In a world filled with boasting gurus, I was happy to discover something different.

It’s a long-time marketer, but not the usual “I-make-millions-of-dollars-and-I-made-my-clients-millions-of-dollars-and-I-am-so-good”.

What I’ve seen so far is great content, open shares, good advice. I pay a monthly subscription to get that, and a couple of days ago, I bought all the issues from 2015, which would normally cost $204 for only $27.

The offer is still open, but only for another 15 hours, so if you want something good and honest, I highly recommend you check out Tony Shepherd’s “Private Income Newsletter” bundle.

Go here now to check it out

Nov 07

How to make money without a list or homepage (really?)

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

When I was around 10-years-old, my best-friend’s parents owned a supermarket.

One of only two supermarkets in the town I grew up in.

Jette and I got a great idea.

What if we made our own minimarket? Her parent’s shop was called Spar Supermarket. We figured we could call it “Spares MiniMarket” (don’t ask).


Of course, we had neither building nor money, nor customers for that matter, but what if we just set up a stand? A couple of wooden boxes, and then squat the triangle of grass at the end of the road.

What could possibly go wrong?

In my defense, I want to point out that we were only 10.

But what makes adults hope, today, that you can make more than spare change without having list or homepage?

It’s truly like wanting a grocery store, but without renting or buying the space.

If that’s you, then please think about the following questions:


Are you afraid of something?

And if so, what scares you from getting a place on the Internet you can call yours? And from there start a list?

Sure, you can make money without homepage or list. But the potential isn’t big.

If you want to make a substantial income, you need both.

But it’s okay to start slow. In fact, it’s more than okay.

You learn more by going slow.

And by doing small daily assignments.

That’s why I created Malka Club. You might already be in, and then you know the power of baby-steps.

If you’re not in, you can sign up for a waiting list and get in, if somebody else leaves.

Check it out here ==>

Nov 04

Email tips and checklists

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

When you want to get better at list building and email marketing, you’ll have to go through tons of books and videos.

That takes time.

And we’re all short on that, aren’t we?

I for one have a ton of video courses on my list that I simply haven’t had time to go through.

What I want is:

  • A quick walk-through with enough explanations to get me going.
  • A checklist, so I can be sure I got it all covered.

And that is exactly what I can offer you today 🙂

Introductory price today

Nov 03

How to reach email mastery faster one step at a time

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

I had a really bad mindset.

When I learned something new, I wanted to learn it all and NOW!

I wanted INSTANT expertise, nothing less.

That meant that I always read too much. A whole book instead of a chapter.

And of course, I never did the action steps.

There. Now you know how bad I was.

Was. Because I’ve changed. I was lucky enough to discover that I learned faster by slowing down.

Odd, isn’t it?

Learn faster by slowing down.

Take it one step at a time, and you’ll get there faster. That’s what I’m doing now.

Whether you’re starting out with emails now, or you’re already mailing your list, there’s a lot to learn from the checklists, I’ve made available today.

The price is $37 for 20 checklists, guiding you through all the important corners of email marketing.

But as an introduction price, you can get it for only $19.97 today. That’s $0.9985 per checklist.

And you’ll find that the checklists are much more than what you’ll call checklists. These are checklists with enough explanation for you to follow them without problems, but so little that you don’t have to go through a book just to master one part of email marketing.

Check here to see what the 20 checklists (more than 100 pages) contains

Nov 01

Make emails your playground

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Who else wants boring emails?


Me neither.

So why don’t we all play around with our emails?

Today, I discovered a tool that makes it easy.

You can use it to add personalized images (adding the receiver’s name to the image for example).

You can add surveys and when the subscriber clicks he’ll be redirected to a URL of your choice.

You can add video directly to your mails.

And you can add a countdown counter (is that a word?) to count down to the end of your deal, or the end of your free book, or even make evergreen counters.

Pretty cool, that tool 🙂

But it’s only available for a week.

Let me show you some quick examples. Here’s a kitten I drew yesterday:

Click Allow Images to see Image

And here’s a question for you:


Are you in NaNoWriMo 2016?

Yes No


When will NaNoWriMo end? Check it here:

And if you want your readers’ opinion about your latest book, you can ask them, and depending on how many stars (I chose hearts here) they give, you can decide where they should go, directly from your email:


Did you enjoy my latest romance?



Finally, here’s a video.

I’ve seen one tool previously that did only the images and it cost the same as this tool, which does four different things. So it’s a really good deal. I’m buying this myself, because I only have a shared affiliate access.

Check out what Email Tools does here:

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